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Thread: "Texas Informal Offshore Overnighter"

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Texas Informal Offshore Overnighter


George Shaunfield and his W28 and I with my 32 are planning an offshore trip to the Flower Gardens area offshore Galveston around the second or third September weekend.
If any Westsailors would like to attend, please advise.


George, I have it from an unofficial source (Windblown article) that Bud has been quoted as saying, "Whenever you have two Westsails together and a six pack you have a rendevous." I'll bring the six pack to make it official.
Can't wait for out rendevous.


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When I decided to plan a trip out to the Flower Gardens, it was just for the sailing. But hey, we can make it a Texas Westsail Rendezvous.

Place: East Bank of Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary at N27 54.547 W93 35.918
Location: 103nm, bearing 143 deg. Mag from the Galveston, TX jetties
When: Saturday-Sunday, September 12-13, 2009
Cost: the wind and 4+ days, mooring buoys are free

All are welcome. No restaurants close by. Bring your own food.

It is 25 nm from my slip to the end of the jetties, and then another 103 nm to the Flower Gardens. Trouble is, the vast majority of that distance is in a Southeasterly direction. Just so happens that the prevailing winds are from the SE this time of year. So with tacking, I anticipate the outbound trip will take from 36 to 50 hours, depending on wind speed and direction. I will be heading out Thursday afternoon.

This chart excerpt will give you an idea of the meeting place for this rendezvous.


Oops, I forgot. Here is the link to the Flower Gardens website in case anyone is interested. These are the northern most coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of interesting info on them.



Well, it turned out not to be a rendezvous. Two boats on moorings at the Flower Gardens, but the other one was a 96-foot dive boat. He was also rolling considerably in the 4 to 7 foot seas. 38 hours going out, 12 hours on the mooring, and 41.5 hours back (including 6.5 hours hove-to because of squalls). A full account is here.


Aaron Norlund

Rendezvous of sleep!

Sounds like it was interesting at least!



George has got to get the credit here for taking on some adverse conditions and coming through smiling. Since my boat was going more or less for the first real serious sea trial, and me not very comfortable with the weather, etc..., we opted out. George and his team did the deed on schedule. My son and I headed out a week later.
It worked out well for our trip because the weather moderated to near perfection and my son arrived, all in time to do the upper shroud work and help with minor details offshore-- like handling the helm alot and removing a #4 treble hook imbedded in his old man's left index finger, to the bone, I might add, in his spare time. The hooking was all thanks to a little 3 lb. baitfish called a blue grumph or something I'd never seen before. They have nothing but mean fish that far out in the ocean.
It was what I would truly call quality time with my son.
Go George! you are the man.

Aaron Norlund


They have nothing but mean fish that far out in the ocean.

Randy, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thanks!



Aaron, You are welcome!
I've seen a lot of fish. I just never quite realized that those along our coasts, sea trout, red drum, flounder, even the reef fish within 20-50 miles of shore tend to be pretty docile. Out past the continental shelf from Satori's first real sea trial, I have three stories: first pass at a rig caught a king makerel, est. 30 lbs, and a 7 ft. long barracuda bit the back end off before we got it aboard, then another similar sized b. showed up and chomped the head pretty decisviely. Then, my son caught a small Barracuda, like 5 lbs. and the little meanie tried to bite by lunging against the bucket from above which it was suspended while hooked. Then, a few hours later, the blue grumph, a little inocuous looking fish we caught for bait jumped at and stuck me in the left index finger with a treble hook-- he was chum soon after. Then, a blue runner was caught way offshore and they are notorious attackers. So, I meant it. they are mean. No wonder not many sailors are fishermen.

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