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Thread: "Slowdown Of Bulletin Board"

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Slowdown Of Bulletin Board

Bud Taplin

I have noticed a slowdown when accessing the posts using my Internet Explorer access to the website, but the Google Chrome access seems just as fast. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Also, my password does not come up automatically using Google Chrome. Any way to accomplish this?

I just went from dsl to a faster cable connection on my internet, but it appears to me, Bud, that you may be right. The slowness I think I see in Internet Explorer might be a lot more noticable on a slower connection speed.
Can't help you with the password.
Good luck.

Bud Taplin

I am on a cable connection which is usually pretty fast. I am finding that the problem of slowness is intermittent, not every time. I am continuing to try both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Aaron Norlund


I have no experience with Google Chrome. I can suggest Mozilla's Firefox as a good, fast browser. Maybe I'll dink with Chrome and see what's up.

That said, I would bet in Chrome's "preferences" section, under a "Security" tab, there is an option to remember passwords. I'll get back to you.


Hey Bud and Aaron,
I just tried my systems again. I meant to go to the boat, but tomorrow.
For your info, I usually use straight Google, don't know what Google Chrome means, but I access google from the msn website. MSN hates that I hear.
Anyway, after several hours I tried the test again and yes, msn was very much noticably slower than google to access our website.
Hope this helps.

Terry Shoup

I don't understand why stuff is running slowly -- mine blazes along! I have a cable modem, and I can't believe how fast the board runs over that medium. I'm running a Mac and using Firefox as my browser.

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