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Thread: "ABI Gear Available After The End?"

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ABI Gear Available After The End?

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi Bud,
I saw you posted to a thread that you could get some abi gear through a different supplier. How about an ABI teak block, double sheaved with becket for max. 1/2 in. line, 3,000 lb. safe working load. I have a part number from a former online retailer no. ABI-190428. They are out of stock and cannot get more. I really need the one with the becket to match what I have already. Thanks in advance. I appreciate your efforts.

Bud Taplin

Randy, I checked their catalog and they do not carry the teak blocks. Not sure where you can find them, but will look around.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Bud, Thanks for the effort and also on the firehose idea for the tanks. If you happen to stumble across the teak blocks one size larger, 5/8" line capacity with becket I'd be game for that compromise.

Bud Taplin

Randy, I checked with two of my local sources and neither has a double teak block. One has (2) singles with becket, and the other has a single without becket.

Terry Shoup

Check with Mark Miller -- he runs a machine shop and has turned out some really nice teak blocks as a sideline. He has a beautiful 28 named after his lovely bride, Patricia A.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks for all the help, Bud and Terry. Since the idea of the becketed block was to arrange a bosun's chair per the Pardeys' suggestion, I think I'll stick with the name brands, or do without. I also think I'll be able to work around it since I already have two double blocks without the beckets and one single ABI with-- at some expense to me, I might add. It's unbelievable to me that at the cost to me of those ABI blocks ABI could not make it. Hells bells, the profit off me alone should have paid their rent for a day. :-)
Plan B: use and refurbish the teak stepped rat lines off the lower shrouds and the mast steps above that. Nice to have a plan B.
Thanks again.

Mark and Patti

HI Terry, thank you so much for the kind words. At one time I did make those blocks, they were simple and strong. And I even developed one that has a cleat on it. I use that one for my staysail back stay and vang. Unfortunately there were some in the club that got upset that I would make these blocks because they were ABI dealers. So not wanting any controversy within the club I stopped making them. Mark S/V Patricia A.

Aaron Norlund


Now that ABI has folded, why not take it up again? There is a serious lack of good classic blocks. Dauphany isn't going to last much longer; he's in his 80s!

Perhaps we could work out a way to market them through the WOA?


George and Rayna Shaunfield

Mark, when you sent me pictures of your dodger I had admired the wooden blocks, but never realized you had made them. They are really nice looking.

Here are a few pictures (with some cropping) that show Mark's blocks.

Running backstay and one visible on end of boom

Deck mounted block at base of mast

Block at staysail boom

Mark and Patti

George and Aaron, thank you for your interest and encouragement, sadly my machine shop is up for sale right now. Hopefully It will be gone soon. And I can get on with what is really important, fix'n up Patricia A. As for those blocks they were fun to make, I did sell some thru Latitude 38(a magazine) though they did not sell well Plus they were not easy to make and material was not cheap. I think it would be like trying to build a Westsail 32 right now. Sure you could do it ,but the cost would kill it. Anyhow anybody who would like those blocks I would suggest you read Sailors Sketch Book by Bruce Bingham, as he shows you how to make them. If anybody wants the one with the cleat to make a vang call me and I will tell you how to do it, or better yet buy my shop and go into production. Mark&Patti S/V Patricia A. PS thanks George for posting those pictures you are the man.

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