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Thread: "Whale 25 Pump Parts"

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Whale 25 Pump Parts

RJ Burns and Jen Harner

I recently rebuilt both 25 gallon whale pumps on our boat, Sumna. I would have prefered to purchase new but discovered that the 25gal has been discontinued and has been replaced by the 30. The 30 cost approx 300-350 dollars. I also discovered the rebuild kits for the 25 do not contain the large (plastic coated zinc)ring that seats the rubber belows. Whale nor anyone else makes this part anymore. Making it almost impossable to do a proper rebuild. And rendering the pump useless. The zinc rings were both shot in my pumps due to galvanic action. I had some stainless steel replacement rings made for my pumps that fit perfectly. I also had some extras made just in case anyone else might be in need. I would sell them for a reasonable price.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

As for the large ring you refer to. If you are talking about the ring that holds the rubber diaphram to the base, my boat is replete with old functional Whale pumps that utilize a simple S. S. hose clamp (albeit long one) to do the job. the pumps all work fine.
Maybe that will help.

RJ Burns and Jen Harner

Hello Randy,

I know the style of pump you are referring to. It has just the one bellows and this fits over the pump body and is held in place by the clamp.

The pumps I am refering to have two internal (flat)bellows that are mounted on either side of the pump body and must lay flat to the housing. The rings keep the bellow flat/flush.

Thank you very much for your help.

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