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Thread: "Attaching Brackets To The W32 Cabin Top."

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Attaching Brackets To The W32 Cabin Top.

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson


I am attaching custom mast pulpits (bun hugging sissy bars) to Mary Rose. I would like to drill and tap the cabin to to accept 1/4, 20, 316 SS hex head bolts. I had to have costom work done so that one leg would attach to the forward dorade guard. I will be mounting my dingy outboard motor to these new structures on one side and SCUBA tanks to the other side. My question is: How deep should I drill and what length bolt should I use for this project?

Tom Crank

I know I'm not Bud but in this application I would drill through the top skin and core with a 3/8" hole and fill with thickened epoxy. I would then drill and tap the 1/4" hole and install the bolt through the cabintop with a fender washer, lock washer and nut.

Bud Taplin

1-1/4" long bolts will go through the plywood core and probably pierce the inside layer of fiberglass, but should not bother the headliner.

Since you are adding a greater strain on the mast rails with the outboard motor and scuba tanks, you should drill through and use fender washers and locknuts. Should take 1-1/2" long bolts, except if there is a space between the inside fiberglass and the headliner.

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

Great feedback. Thank you all. Much appreciated!

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