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Thread: "Rigging"

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James & Jacqueline Best

After 2 years of refit hull #470(Eagle) is in the water. Have had some great sails especially last week 6.3-6.7 knots on a 4 hour broad reach 10-15km gusts to 20 at times. Problem, when I got back to the dock I noticed that the upper stay which runs from the end of the spreader to part way up the mast on a diagonal was slack. Climbing up I found the bracket attached to spreader had pulled out. The rigger had riveted the stainless plate and 1 of the rivets pulled out of aluminum spreader. The plans which I have donot show how the spreader is stopped from rising up the outside stay nor does the drawings indicate how this plate is attached to the spreader. Do you have drawings and why is there so much force on this very small wire (my rigger wants to know if there needs to be a design change or was it done incorrectly?

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

I noticed a slight slackness in the diagonal bracing on the spreaders which seems to have appeared after that 70 mph wind blew out my headsails. I'm not concerned about it because the bracing is there to hold the spreaders in place when a load (me) is placed vertically downward on them. Obviously the wire rope won't withstand push, but should I be concerned that the braces have become a little slack?

Bud Taplin

James, Those two wires were specified by Westsail to be able to go up and stand on the spreader when coming into a reef strewn anchorage. Otherwise, they serve no purpose. If you properly lash the tip of the spreader to the upper shroud, and cover with a vinyl boot, that should be all you need.

I do not know why the rivet pulled out. There should be no force on the wire or plate except when standing on the spreader. Or possibly if you have a flag halyard attached to the underside of the spreader, and pull exceptionally hard on the flag halyard.

The spreaders should be angled up about 7 degrees from the horizontal when in position.

Bud Taplin

Ralph, Just means that the spreader tip has moved up slightly along the stay. Pull it back down.

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