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Thread: "Bowsprit"

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Tom Crank


I am getting ready to install the new bowsprit and stemfitting. The holes for the old stemfitting were glassed over when I did my topside job and the sampson posts are not currently installed. My plan is to align the bowsprit and secure with a single bolt in the rear position. Next I will position the stemfitting so that it contacts the bottom of the bowsprit aligned with the mounting hole in the sprit. Drill holes, caulk, and mount stemfitting. Drill remaining mounting holes for bowsprit. Unbolt bowsprit, caulk the holes and the teak decking beneath the riser. Install bowsprit.

Do you have any sugestions to improve on my plan?

Bud Taplin


Your procedure sounds fine. However, I would temporarily bolt the stemfitting in place under the bowsprit before locating the bowsprit on the deck. Set the bowsprit so that the stemfitting touches the stem of the hull. I would also tie a string on the end of the bowsprit and take it back to the center of the mast step. Make sure the center of the bowsprit lines up with this string.

Bud Taplin


I looked at your description again and noticed that you have teak decks installed. If the top hole in the stemfitting is too high to be able to drill through the stem of the boat, you may have to put a spacer between the stemfitting and the bottom of the bowsprit in order to be able to install the uppermost bolt.

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