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Thread: "Stern Pulpit"

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Stern Pulpit

Jay Bietz

I'm pricing from Bud a stern pulpit with the ladder on the side.

Are you finding the ladder a good investment or should I use it a a red herring and install later on.

It looks useful for boarding from a dingy or from the water.

Advise anyone?

Terry Shoup

I have one of Bud's ladders installed on Inalla, and it seems to work just fine -- and I weigh around 240 pounds. One thing I want to add is some sort of a clip to hold the ladder in the up (folded) position, yet one that can be pulled out with a line near the waterline, in case I fall in -- too old to climb up the rudder or the bobstay! Bud, this might be an option to figure out and add.

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

We added teak treads to make the climb aboard much more comfortable.

Jay Bietz

Thanks - all good ideas.

Jay Bietz


Did you through bolt the teak treads... I had Bud add in plastic treads that look and feel very nice but the bolt holes allow sea water into the rungs.

Have you had issues with water inside your rungs from the treads causing corrosion?

Jay Bietz

Thanks for the reply.

I like the welded tabs -- On mine, I'm filling in the holes with a sealent puddle - letting it dry for a few days then will drill through the sealent to install the treads and hopefully that will keep the sea water out of the rungs.

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

I welded tabs onto each rung and used carriage bolts to bolt the teak treads to the ss tabs. I will be posting pics later on our blog.

Jay Bietz

Terry: Found at West Marine a folding ladder by Dive N dog that comes with great plastic clips for 1" SS tubing.

http://www.divendog.com/Pricelist.aspx?u=0&searchtype=c&bMSRP=1&bImage=1&categor y=1

Above is the page link and go down to folding ladder. I've emailed to see if they sell just the plastic clips - I'll advise.


Jay Bietz


Just talked to Kerry at Dive N Dog 941 375 3565 the "Replacemnet Clips" are $9.90 for a pair plus shipping.

Terry Shoup

I tried to find a picture of the clips on the web site, but no luck. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Jay Bietz

When I get the pair I ordered today, I'll post a good photo - I saw them at WEst Marine on a ladder.

Jay Bietz

Terry: Clips are on a 9/22 delivery from UPS.

Also I finished up the installation today with just a few things to resolve and in time for the NCal Rendezvous in San Leandro.

finished boomkin

Jay Bietz

Terry: Well UPS finally came through - here is a photo of the clips. Note that there is a hole through the web for a screw to hold it on the ladder.


(Message edited by admin on September 23, 2009)

Jay Bietz


I installed the clips BUT the web between the clips is to narrow by ~3/8" to bridge the gap between the fixed and folding part of ladder -- I managed to space it out but it wasn't pretty - workable though.

I guess the clips can't be recommended unless nothing else is available.

No photo's at this time.

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