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Thread: "Engine Room"

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Engine Room


Any numbers on the cubic feet in the engine room on a w32 with no pilot berths?

You pose a question that very much interests me.

I have not seen the math done in awhile, and it looks to me like the USCG is/has been playing down tonnage numbers.

Hopefully, Bud or someone will correct me if/when I am/shown to be wrong.

But my W32 (with a stbd pilot bearth over the stbd. sea berth, not the dinette to port set up--don't know if it makes any difference) was originally documented 15 gross tons, I believe) and 13 net tons- pretty sure about that. At least the 13 net tons figure is indelibly carved above the forward v-berth. This is consistent with my comparisons to other similarly desigend boats before I settled on the W32 (Southern Cross 32 stands out in the comparison, but came in with a 10 ton figure, gross or net I cannot recall). The W32 has a lot more room, it appears.

The difference, I thought, between the gross ton figure and net ton figure was the engine room space, though I could be wrong on that as well. Bud's the boat builder, so hopefully he can straighten me out.

I could also be wrong that the ton for this volumetric measurement is 100 cubic feet, based more or less on what a standard barrel took up in the way of space in the olden days when they had things like that.

So, my guess is 200 cubic feet for your engine room. I can also suggest that after practically living in the engine room for 6 months with tanks and batteries, and everything else stripped out, it's pretty roomy in there!

What say ye others, mates?


Kevin Donahue and Marilyn Falconer


You are correct about the CG playing with the measurements recently. I confirmed with a friend who runs a vessel documentation service that the CG has made some changes in the formula. Something to do with freeboard vs deck height as I recall. She said that the new measurements disqualify some boats that previously qualified for documentation. The Dana 24 was one example she mentioned.

You are also correct that the measurement is a volume measurement, its based on tuns of wine.

I'm used to own a SC 32 and it was documented at net 10 tons.


Thank you very much, Kevin.
I feel vindicated.
Plus the SC 32 is an awesome piece of gear.
I chose the W32 with full personal inspection of two SC 32s and several W32s..

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