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Thread: "Solar Panel Mounting"

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Solar Panel Mounting

George and Rayna Shaunfield

I have two solar panels to mount utilizing both sides near the stern of my W28. They will pivot outward. I plan to install a stanchion base on top of each caprail about 26" aft of the boom gallows, come up with 1" SS tubing to a 90 deg fitting and then forward with 1" tubing to the 1.5" gallows upright. The big question is how can I attach the 1" tubing to the 1.5" of the gallows for rigidity?

All suggestions appreciated. A picture would be outstanding.

Aaron Norlund


I think the best bet would be to have it welded to the gallows. I've also seen sleeves for connecting tube to tube in a "T" form, but I have spent the last 20 minutes on Google and can't find anything that adapts at the same time.

If your gallows is bronze and they wouldn't be able to weld stainless to it, perhaps a sleeve could be made?

Also, check out the way Don and Lana Montgomery mounted their panels. Seems to be a sturdy and quality design!

http://www.captainmontgomery.com/2009/07/westsail-32-stainless-steel-fabrication .html

Aaron N.

Bud Taplin

Garhauer Marine makes brackets that mount on 1-1/2" tubing that can be used to connect the 1" tubing.

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