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Thread: "Hard Dodger"

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Hard Dodger

Flip & Pamela Mulliner

I'm looking for a source for a hard dodger for my W43...any good suggestions?

thanks Flip
W43 Katura

Dave Kall

Where are you at? I've just added one on our 42.

You can check my blog at: http://svelysium.net/blog/

I had to go to Annapolis to get it. But I know he'll travel .... a little. We're quite happy it. It looks great. Of course we've no real world experience with it yet. But will soon!

Flip & Pamela Mulliner

Thanks for the headsup...I'm located in Michigan,,I wonder if he can help us out..I'll give him a call.Would you be willing to share the cost? I have a feeling I need to prepare....!

Dave Kall

Not sure what cost you're talking about. I just purchased and had one installed. I don't think he's done a 42 and do know that if he doesn't have a pattern I seriously doubt you'll get him to come install it. But it is worth a try. I don't know of any 43's around here that he could use to pattern from either. That might work for him. But you do need to call and talk to Dan. Not one of his employees. And don't try email, the phone is his thing.

Good Luck


Flip & Pamela Mulliner

Thanks Dave,
Sorry about the confusion...I was asking if you would share how much the dodger cost you.
I'll shoot Dan a call.
thanks again

Dave Kall

It' in a PM.

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