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Thread: "Sailboat Rack System"

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Sailboat Rack System

Neil Malik

Hi Westsailors!

I just launched my new company called Barrington Marine - I have developed a sailboat rack system which adapts to the handholds of any sailboat and does not require drilling. It also does not stress the handholds. Check out my website for more info: www.sailboatrack.com.

I invented the rack system for my Westsail 32 named "Wanti". My last trip took me from Rhode Island to Europe via the Azores. Then, from Portugal to porto Santo, Madeira, the Canary islands, Cape Verde and finally Brazil. Unfortuntely, I shipwrecked my boat in a remote part of Northeast Brazil (See Ocean Navigator july/August Issue 2009 to read my manuscript).

In any event, the rack system works superbly well as i encounter 6 gales and 2 squalls on my voyage. It may be a nice fit for some of you out there.

Happy Sailing!

Neil K. Malik
President & Founder
Barrington Marine, Inc.
Barrington, RI USA
Lat N41.74 Lon W71.32
Tel: (617)-233-7161
Tel: (401)-626-4650
Fax: (401) 633-6670
Mobile: (617)-233-7161
e: barringtonmarine@aol.com
web: www.sailboatrack.com
Skype: sailboatrack

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