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Thread: "2005 Florida West Coast Rondy"

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2005 Florida West Coast Rondy


Fellow Westsailors, your association needs you.

We are currently without a host for the 2005 Florida West Coast Rendezvous which is typically scheduled in the fall (timing may be adjusted as necessary).

Our previous host is unable to proceed since being transferred out of state. If anyone would like to assume this prestigious and much maligned revered position for a few weeks of effort, please contact me soon.

We are planning to hold a national hosts chat room session in February to enable hosts from all six events to share ideas and information. We would certainly encourage you to attend the chat session if you are considering hosting this year's event. Who knows, you may like it and host it every year.


Louis Guillama

You can reach me at editor@westsail.org.


Has anyone inquired about hosting the 2005 W Fl Rondezvous?

I'd really hate to think it's not going to occur. I'm not in FL but I'd be happy to help with anything that didn't require being there.

Otherwise, has anyone considered maybe combining the E & W coast together in the Keys?


I was speaking with some other Florida West Coast Westsailors and there seems to be a question of interest - or I should say lack of interest. This west coast gathering is only a couple of years old and has had a week turn out compared to other rendezvous. Is there sufficient interest for such an event? Anybody have any ideas about how many boats would attend? Any suggestions about where the best place to have it would be?


I've never attended a rendezvous but I'm looking forward to being at the next one I can attend.

I'd hope, given enough notice, that virtually any/all Westail owners in the area would want to attend a rendezvous. That is, assuming the activities, etc. were compelling enough.

Point being regarding the question of an apparent 'lack of interest'...

Give people enough notice and a *reason* to attend (beyond it just being just a bunch of similar boats in the same place at the same time) and I'd think anyone that could would be there.

Is it out of the question to think attendees would contribute funds to help subsidize outside activities (i.e. renting a van to get to interesting places, hiring a local band to play at a barbeque, etc.)?


Steve, I'll go on record (hehe) promising to fly down to attend, but on the condition that Mike M takes me out on that fine boat of his....

Greetings...we are hosting the 2005 SoCal Rendezvous, and will be in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area in mid-May for a week.

If anyone is interested in hosting this one, but would like some encouragement/ideas/support, we would be happy to meet with you. Get in touch via email: kschar@gte.net

Keith and Kay Schardein
Liveaboards on S/V Chamisa, W42
Long Beach, CA



You're welcome on the Haliai anytime!

Ich can mich an dich uberhaupt nicht errinern.sm

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