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Pro Furl

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

And now the roller furler unit: The Pro furl P-40 sealed bearing in the lower unit has bit it. Oil is leaking out. I hear the bearing can be replaced. I also hear amateures can mess it up. I also heard there is a professional shop in Calif. that does it right? What do you know about this? If I choose to replace the entire assemble, what is recommended and what is a good price, how long to ship to Honolulu, etc. Aloha

Bud Taplin

Gerald, I am not familiar with a shop that does repairs on Profurl units. I would recommend contacting Profurl and get their suggestions as to what to do.

Rich Morpurgo

They are just bearings and seals. There is a seal that is leaking. The problem is that profurl has chosen to use a weird size and they can't be had unless you get them from profurl, I am told.

should be easy when you have the right part.


Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Thanks for the info guys. I shall do something.

Christian and Jennifer Holm

I dont have plans for the rigging for my vessel which is a cutter rig W42. I have a profurl on the forestay but want to install and change to a freefootted staysail.

Question: Which model Profurl is recommended and what is the length of the Stay?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, CAH

SV Summer Solstice

Bud Taplin

Christian, Your staysail stay should be 5/16" (8 MM) diameter, which means that the Profurl Model C-350 is the smallest one you can use. If your mast is a 50' single spreader, then the staysail stay should be about 35'-9". If the mast is a 55' double spreader, then the stay should be about 39'-4". In either case, the standard Model C-350 is plenty long enough at 14 meters, or about 46'.

Christian and Jennifer Holm

Thanks so much for your time in Monitoring this website and adding value.



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