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Thread: "Sea Hood"

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Sea Hood

Joseph and Monica Lynch

Bud, I'm looking to replace the companion way deck hatch on Papillon. the current hatch is wood and Lexan and easily weighs 10 pounds. My kids can't get in, and I have a fear that it is going to come down on someone, and worse yet, it is losing its water integrity. I would really like to replace it with a sea hood so that I can keep it open and not limit visibility from the cockpit. Her big flush deck has ample room for it. I am good with fiberglass, but would rather work with existing plans if there are such things. Barring a sea Hood, can you recommend a replacement hatch of lighter material (Aluminum perhaps)Thanks, Joe

Bud Taplin

I have seen a number of owners fix the wood hatch as a sea hood, and use a sheet of 1/2" plexiglass as the sliding hatch. You need to cut the trim down around the hatch opening to accommodate the plexiglass, but the system works well.

Joseph and Monica Lynch

Are you aware of any images that you can direct me to? I am putting together some plans to build a slider seahood combination made of plywood and fiberglass. Your way sounds less complicated.

Bud Taplin


I do not have any drawings of the plex sliding hatch, but I will check to see if I have any pictures of it. If so, I will send them to you by email attachment.

Shannon and Fran Kiger

Hello! We are new owners of W32 #244 Flushdeck, and have leaks from our companionway hatch (as well as some dodger paraphenalia that will be removed asap!) that appear to have rotted out a 2'x3' area of inner plywood cabin top. We have a flushdeck, no liner in the boat. The deck beam running amidships on the fwd edge of the hatch frame will have to be replaced as well. So, we are looking to see what types of hatch ideas are out there!

Bud Taplin

You might want to check into the sliding aluminum frame hatches with a plex center. They are pricey, but seal well.

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