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Thread: "Help! Tack Hook Pic"

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Help! Tack Hook Pic

Dave Kall

I'm looking for the Tack hook pic that someone had posted here. I don't have one and am going to have one made for our boat. Our sparmaker was the Superspar (I think) and I contacted Lefiell and they never got back to me. (Guess I wasn't going to spend enough money even though I bought one of their spars years ago). So if anyone has some pics of their tack hooks and can either post them or pm them to me I would sincerely apprciate it. Cheaper is we have a pic to work from then trying to get it all figured out!

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Talk to Rodney at LeFiell...he helped me with my mast. I'm sure they would sell you one, its got to be less expensive than having one fabricated

Dave Kall

I tried that route. Never received a reply even after I talked to him / them and sent them the measurements.

I too think it would be cheaper than having one fabricated; but, then again, at least the fabricator is right here and I can walk over and talk to him.

Bud Taplin

Dave, I have seen commercially available ones made from 1/4" SS rod, with a loop formed at one end to bolt through a gooseneck fitting. I am away from my office now, but will check on it on Monday when I am back in So Cal.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

I'll take a picture of mine tomorrow

Dave Kall

Thanks Gary, You too Bud, but as to the commercial ones there so far isn't really any I like. I'm in Annapolis and been looking at everything.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

here we go. the hook is 3" high and 1" wide


Dave Kall

I've printed them out. Our SS guys are showing up this am. I have a couple of others I'll be discussing with them.

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