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Thread: "Symetrical Spinnaker"

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Symetrical Spinnaker

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

Kern can give you the exact answer. I just purchased an asymetrical with a sock that was used once on a Tartan 3400. It fits a Westsail 32 perfect. We tested it in about 8-9 kts of wind and we were able to get 5.5 kts of boat speed with only the spinnaker. Just an FYI!

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

What is the appropriate size for a symetrical for a W32?

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

I already have an asymetrical spinnaker (drifter) and was thinking about getting a symetrical. Sail magazine had a couple of articles about spinnakers, including parasailing symetricals. I assume that the dimensions of a symetrical would be different from an asymetrical.


Frank and Melanie Scalfano

Does anyone with a W32 use a symmetrical spinnaker? I am considering a symmetrical with a luff just under 40', but I am concerned that it will be too small.


Aaron Norlund


I have flown a big symmetric that was a touch above the W32 "suggested" size at about 48' on the luffs. It was in about 8kts and I feel like it was great.

I do not think the trouble associated with a symmetric spinnaker would be justified if you fly an undersized chute. The only time you're going to fly it is in real light wind, so you want a BIG sail. If it's a super deal, do it, but otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for a big sail so you can move on a run.

Fair reaching,

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

Thanks, Aaron.


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