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Thread: "Vintage Autohelm 2000 (Nautec)"

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Vintage Autohelm 2000 (Nautec)

Tom and Barb Koehl

Bud, I inherited a vintage Nautec Autohelm 2000 with my boat. I don't think that Fred Nelson used it more than a few times and it has the windvane option with it. The controller is the version with a simple compass heading dial. Are you familiar with it and if so, should I spend time trying to get it to work, or is it so obsolete that it would be a waste of time? -Tom Koehl

Bud Taplin

Raymarine is still making the Autohelm autopilots. Contact them for a manual and any necessary information regarding this model.

The Model 2000 is a little light for a boat as heavy as the W32, but by mounting the autopilot well forward on the tiller, you can get enough mechanical advantage, but not much travel for any quick turns. It should be good for keeping the boat on a steady heading though. Also, if you have a windvane, it can be used to move the windpaddle of the vane to steer the boat, using the mechanical advantage of the windvane itself to compensate for the lower power of the autopilot.

Tom and Barb Koehl

Bud, I had checked out the Raymarine site and downloaded the 2000 manual, however the control unit on my old model is different. Apparently all the newer ones (past 20 years or so) are digital keypads. I'll just have to call them and explain the situation. It's good to know that I could interface it with the windvane - I have one of the Cape Horn units on order. Thanks again. It's getting close to the time to order the boomkin, bowsprit, etc. I'll be in touch next month about that. Betamarine in the late Fall or early Spring, then splash the boat next summer!!

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