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Thread: "Need A Boom"

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Need A Boom

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Need a boom for older Westsail 32. please call Gerald at 541-556-1113

Bud Taplin

Gerald, I can get a boom tube blank if yours was made by LeFiell. You can then transfer all of your existing hardware over to it.

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

No the broken one is a Seldain (spelling?). An old roller ferling one altered to slab reefing with a sliding gooseneck. What would it take to refit? And ship to Honolulu.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Gerald - if it is a Selden boom there are parts available here:


Bud Taplin

To refit to use another manufacturers boom you would only have to be able to adapt the gooseneck that to have to fit on the new boom. That way it would still attach to the mast. That is unless the new manufacturer has a gooseneck that fits the connection to your mast.

However if you can obtain a boom blank from Selden, and transfer your existing hardware to it, that might be the best way to go.

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Thanks all for the info. Bud, as Selden is out of business I believe, I probably will be going with LeFiell. Don't most new booms have a plate that rivets to the mast? No down haul of course but not necessary as Glorious has a nice main halyard winch.
I head for Honolulu tomorrow and will sniff around there. Thanks and stay tuned.

Norm Rhines


You may give these guys a call if you are coming to oahu and see if they have anything on hand +/-? they are a marina just east of the airport (Nice people) Just make sure you line up o the first Buoy as there are some reefs out there.

www.keehimarine.com - (808) 845-6465

Good luck:

Bud Taplin

Gerald, Most booms have a front end cap that has a hole in it. A rod is in the hole, with a cotter pin at the insode end to keep it from coming out, and either a hole or a fork at the front end. The mast could have welded ears on it, or SS straps with a pin that would go through the hole in the end of the rod sticking out of the boom.

Here is a picture of one of the gooseneck attachments that LeFiell uses. This one uses stainless parts.


Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Thanks Norm, I must be close to them as I am in Ala Wai. I will contact them. Bud, that photo of the gooseneck looks much like mine. The big diff. I see is mine rides on an external 1 1/4 in. s.s. track (Perhaps mine will go into a new end cap?) My Selden end cap is also damaged so I am not hung up on a Selden boom. In any event I better do something so will be in contact.

Norm Rhines


I am also at the Ala Wai, over in front.
where do they have you docked?

We have fireworks every friday just to the east of the marina around 7:30 or 8:00. If you would want to meet up for a drink or general BS afterwords we will be down in the front row around 8:00 PM or send me an e-mail at steller_norm(on)yahoo.com use a @for the on.

There is another guy that might have info on local booms+/- Art Nelson sail maker 808-593-9958. Not sure but you could give him a try he might know of a boom that some one has maybe.

In any case if you get a chance give me a ring.

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Well it's happened again. The Westsail Owners Association has proven it is indispensable for those of us with "The Boat". I now have a straight, unbroken boom on Glorious. It came off a less fortunate Westsail last parked in Hana Bay. Thanks to all for your help and advise, particularly to Norm Rhines. Aloha

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Guess you made it back to the mainland Gerald

Taken in Neah bay last Friday

neah bay

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Gerald - were there other parts available from the less fortunate Westsail?

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