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Thread: "Question On Posting Pics"

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Question On Posting Pics

So far I have not managed to upload pics of my boat to the message board. I did try the help and FAQ sections, but to no avail.

[Click here for photos of Satori]

Could someone please outline the steps in posting digital pictures from a c: drive to this site? If it is required that bold commands be used, I'd like some help figuring out how to get them into play, as my B button does not seem to do anything whatsoever,

(Message edited by admin on May 20, 2009)

Terry Shoup

The directions for posting pictures is contained in the Help/Instructions section at the bottom of this screen. I had some trouble with it the first time I did it, but after that it goes pretty smoothly.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I've sent you a back-channel e-mail trying to clarify the process. I tried doing it here but whenever I typed the instructions, I got prompted to upload an image. Hope the e-mail helps. If not, let me know and I'll try to make it clearer.


Bud Taplin

Randy, One of the things I discovered is that you have to check the size of the image. Should be about 640 x 400, or otherwise one has to scroll across the post to read the text. I found that a free program is available to easily resize a photo. PIXresizer which can be downloaded at bluefive.pair.com.

Thanks to all.
I'll repeat the instructions Steve gave if it works (for future posters). If the resize pics issue comes up, I'll be stalled out for awhile.
Here goes.
Here is hopefully a pic of Satori fresh out of the boatyard with her new hand brushed paint job.
\image {Pic satori}
hmm, is that all there is to it? I don't see the prompt to upload pic. So, I'll post this and see what happens.

Strike two.
I read Steve's email instructions plus reread the help section of the website.
The help section makes it look like you have to use the bold mode for the \image
I'm stumped.
\image {Pic satori}

It seems the bold mode was gotten up and still no prompt.
Is there a pic upload book for Dummies?

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

Okay, let me try this again and see if I can figure out were the system is breaking down for you, Randy. I'm going to post a picture of my new settee table base (w/drawers):

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I suspect that the fault may be with your browser. There's this note in the instructions: "Your browser must support form-based file upload (Netscape Navigator 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 4.0+ support this; IE 3.02 will also work provided that you have installed the file upload patch)."

I happen to know that Safari and Firefox for my Mac also work just fine. But, what leads me to think that it's your browser is that you were able to type \image{pic satori} and have it actually show up in your reply. It should have had this pop up: . Matter of fact, I had to do some special formattng to make \image{pic satori} show up in this posting. So, what you've done so far is correct. So, check your browser preferences to make sure that you don't have something turned off that disallows "form-based file uploads".


Very, very nice work on your table and cabinets.
Ouch! Not much is easy when computer problems arise. You must be right, though, because I seemed to follow all the instructions and like you said even got the command to print properly.
Thanks for all. I can't believe my desktop computer with Windows XP package cannot handle such a simple task. Go figure....
The weird thing is I was able to post pics to local newspaper websites.

Think I'll advance to calligraphy.
Thanks for all.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I think Bud may be on to something. I hadn't even noticed the space until he pointed it out. Be nice if that's all it was.

Aaron Norlund


Sorry for taking so long to chime in. Yes, Bud is correct in that you must put the image tag in with NO spaces.

So: /image{anywords}

Except you must use a "\", not a "/".

Hope this helps!

Bud Taplin

Randy, I think that maybe your problem is you are putting a space between the word \image and the { figure. Try it again without a space between them.

Trying a third time. This time to reduce image to 50%.


Lessons learned.
The help section of the website is helpful.
However, Bud's tip that the lack of a space between the "\image" command and the "{" sign seemed to be the key for me to get going.
The command is /image{Yourwords}, except as Aaron kindly points out you must use a \ instead of / . The resizing issue was handled on my Microsoft picture manager that came with the Windows XP program I run. I've found it useful in other forums as well.
Thanks to all for your input. Hope this helps others to post more pics.


(Message edited by admin on May 20, 2009)

Bud Taplin

Randy, However please reduce the size of the pictures so they fit without having to go back and forth. Try using the PIXresizer program and limit the size to 600.

You win. Up for the potential strike three. Consider punt.

Thanks to all.


Amazing. Simple. Just mess with it a few days and it just pops into place. Sorta like virtually every job at the boatyard.
So, here goes again, another test, and possible better view. Boy, I sure am used to using those spaces.

Thanks to everybody for all your guidance and patience.


Bud mentioned the resize issue. So, I went to the image manager on the picture section of my pc. Reduced image size by 75%. So, hopefully, this is pic 3 in reduced size.

This is sort of fun, now.


Trying again on the image reduction. Seems I may not have properly saved the change last time.



[Edited by board manager: This is a compilation of several messages posted by Randy. The photos have been resized and moved to the thread "Satori pics with hand-brushed awlgrip paint posted" in the "In the Yard" section. Click here to see the photos of Satori]

(Message edited by admin on May 20, 2009)

Michael Dougan

Yea, triple-stress what Bud just said... please size your images so that they are no wider than about 600 pixels BEFORE UPLOADING... otherwise, it dynamically expands the width of the thread, so that everybody has to scroll to read all of the text of the posts... which is really, really annoying.


Ralph and Sandra Weiland

Is it possible to query the upload so that the server refuses to place an image wider than, say, 640 pixels and tells the USER why (nicely)?

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

It'd be great if Ralph & Sandra's suggestion is something that can actually be done. The other problem with ginormous pictures, besides having to scoll, is the incredibly long time it takes us poor dial-up users to download them. I think that generally, when someone uploads a huge picture it's just because they didn't have any idea that the picture would be so large until they see it posted. How 'bout it Aaron? Can pictures size be limited?


Hey Bud,
Thanks for the input. I don't know how I could go back and reduce the size of the several test pics I posted. If the message board manager wants to delete them to save room on the server or anything, that would be fine with me. I could repost them in more appropriate sections and in better size (50%) of my raw frame so no scrolling would be necessary.

Norm Rhines

hey Aaron

ginormous pictures above

(I think it takes a board manager to add shortening to shrink these pictures?)

and you promised


Bud Taplin

It only takes a minute to correct the size of a picture using PIXresizer. I think it should be up to the sender to do it.

Norm Rhines

Not to worry, I agree we should resize our own pic's

I just want to needle Aaron (He did say he would resize ginormous pictures down

I all seriousness it would be nice to have some access to messages that you have posted (spelling corrections for myself) others have the picture issue +/- it just flies away when you hit the Post this Message key no chance of ooooooooooooppppps

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

I am a bit tied up personally and haven't so much as opened my computer in five days. I can't resize stuff from my phone - but I'll resize these when I can.

As for message editing, our current board software (the free version), does not support this. However, among the other things we're considering for the website, is buying the full message software (which allows editing). If/when we decide to update, it'll be obvious. I'm worried about a possible learning curve for current members.

Until such a time though, please feel free to post things if you don't know how to resize them (though Pixresizer is very easy!) Further, if you have made a significant error in a post, it's OK to send an email to board manager or webmaster asking for it to be corrected. We're aware of the limitations of the software and won't mind. Perhaps if enough people pester us for edits, we'll be more motivated to get software through which member's can edit their own posts!

Best to you all and I apologize for my (temporary) absence!

Aaron N.

Norm Rhines

Thanks for all of your hard work! we all should thank you.

I could not resist the ginormous chance to needle you, and I am thankful we have some one like you keeping the board together. Oh I hope the the other stuff keeping you busy is at least fun.

If you do look for software (Please poll the group for any, Out there options, you may not know about)+/-

p.s. http://www.lview.com/ is the image resizer I use (and it works great)

Doesn't look like there is much I can do to help at this point. Problem was I had no scale when posting the first pics. So, the first ones were ginormous.

Joe Petrozella

westsail 32 for sale engine is locked up, needs interior work. bottom and topside paint.
hull# is SSF05010775
boat is on the east coast St Augustine FL. area.
also has all her sails and quite a bit of gear to go along. 22,500

scott caskey

Joe or Aaron,

The previous post was more than likely meant for the "For Sale" category.


Since Bud dutifully spurred me along, I have learned (with my son's help) to resize pics by using an online free software package called Gimp.
It's pretty straightforward. With my camera, it's necessary to reduce the picture size by about 30% to get it to 3.5 Megabytes or whatever.
That should work here.

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