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Thread: "Norcross Depth Finder"

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Norcross Depth Finder

Brian Smith

Anybody out there successfully installed and using a Norcross Hawkeye in-hull type depth finder? Mine just arrived and I need to find an optimal placement for the in-hull, epoxy'd on transducer. Any and all thoughts and experience appreciated.

scott caskey


I tried the hawkeye DF1000D but exchanged it for Northstar's D210. I wanted red illumination and the hawkeye was green. Also the Max depth on the Hawkeye was 200 ft vs 600 ft for the Northstar.
But the real point I want to make is that instead of installing their in hull Xducer I was able to interface directly to the existing thru-hull xducer, a remnant of the old datamarine unit which no longer works. I noticed Orion's inventory included an upgraded Depth Sounder so if your issue is the control head/display you may be able to splice into your existing Xducer and save yourself the trouble of finding a suitable location, with fairing block, epoxy, acoustic medium, etc.


S/V Marianne

Brian Smith

Gee Scott, sounds like you know my boat? Were you in the market when Jamie was selling? (2006) Or was it Dennis (2001) before??
Yes, PO Jamie had installed a Navcom readout with (uninstalled) Nexus combo depth/log- I am desirous of NOT drilling any more holes in this old boat... Actually might be looking for a decent 'IN HULL' (depth only) transducer to interface with the Navcom, as I agree- Hawkeye a bit on the shy side, also a bit hard to read... Or I might just throw caution to the wind and do what a couple of folks around here have suggested: just strip wires on the Hawkeye transducer- it will probably work with the Navcom display??

Thanks for your post and interest.


scott caskey

really just nosey with alot of time on my hands.
your hookup sounds a bit more involved than mine but it seems like it will work. I'm guessing the Nexus unit is the sounder that drives the Xducer and then also communicates with the Navcom via NMEA 0183. I noticed the Norcross Xducer plug looked alot like some dc charging circuit plugs. Radio Shack had several similiar plugs of various sizes. I don't know if they had the receptacles, but it would make a cleaner hookup and then you'd have the norcross display as a ready back-up. let us know how it works out.


Brian Smith

Thanks again, Scott- will indeed keep you posted!

Jeff Matthiae


Odds are that the transducer was made by Airmar. Many companies use their transducers and it may just be that the plug is different. You can find them here:


On the FAQs page the first question will lead you to a X-Ref Guide and Wiring Diagrams.

Hope this helps,

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