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Thread: "Paint Shaver"

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Paint Shaver

Alan and Sue Johnson

I will be shaving down the hull of my WS32 this spring for a summers drying. I will be purchasing a Paintshaver. I hope to not have a use for this "Paintshaver" when I am finished. Are there any members that would like a good deal on one when I am done?

Aaron Norlund


By when do you plan to be finished with this shaver? I was planning to grind my bottom down, then build up with a barrier coat and antifouling. But I've heard these shavers can cut a LOT of work.

Schedule is more important for me though - I want to have the bottom ground and painted by early June; we're moving the boat beside our house around May 15th.


Alan and Sue Johnson

Aaron: If things go as planned I hope to have this done before June. Not only is this supposed save a lot of work but do a better job as is cuts the glass instead of shredding it. I will keep you in the loop as to when Im done and we can see if it still works for you. Alan

Dave Kall

All I've known about the process is get plenty of blades and have them sharp. That way you not constantly waiting to have them sharpened. I would say at least 2 spare sets.

Alan and Sue Johnson

Aaron: I just finished shaving the bottom of my hull #36. Are you still interested? See my post IN THE YARD.

Norm Rhines

Allen How did it GO???

are you going to write up a story for windblown?

Alan and Sue Johnson

Norm: It went very well after I figured out a few things like blades and vacum cleaner attachment. I am not the best writer but will attempt something as soon as I get some pictures. It certainly is better/faster and greener than any other method of DIY hull work.

Aaron Norlund


Sorry to have taken so long to reply. Our plans have changed a bit and we will not be stripping the boat's hull and topsides this season, so we don't need the shaver.


Robert V. Cooley Jr.

Alan, What is the make and model number of your paint shaver. I am taking my hull down to the gelcoat and am using a large heavy paint grinder made by PortaCable using #36 carbide disks. It is very very tiring to hold up and I am looking for a better tool.



Alan and Sue Johnson

Robert: It is the Paintshaver Pro. It is the Makita 7.5 amp. Email me at: ajohnson@cityofslt.us,with your edress and I will send you pictures. I would like $450.00 for the whole package.

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