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Thread: "Water Lift Muffler Installtion"

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Water Lift Muffler Installtion

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hello Bud,
My W 32 with the 4-108 has a pretty large waterlift muffler. It is mounted on a plank directly over the cutlass bearing. That bothers me as it makes access difficult. I seem to have seen other installations, where the muffler was set on the port side of the engine. Also, I may be able to get by with a more compact muffler. Do you recommend the muffler aside the engine? If so, how would one prepare the mount for it?
Thanks in advance.

Bud Taplin

On my new installations with engines, I have always used a horizontally mounted muffler. I have some pictures that I will send to you by email. But I will try to attach one here.

Bud Taplin

Sorry, that did not work. Will try again. One picture is in a boat with a full engine room liner, and the other is one with the small engine pan, and no liner.
small liner
full liner

Bud Taplin

In the picture with the full liner, the muffler is not installed yet, but the hole for it is there. The outlet hose is resting on the shelf, but will go back into the lazarette compartment to attach to the aft end of the muffler when it is installed.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Wow Bud,
That looks like the way to go.
Do you sell the horixontally mounted ones? If so, what kind of dimensions or capacity are there?
Thanks for the great pics and advice.

Bud Taplin

The info is in my Westsail Service Manual, of course. But I will send you the page by email.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I'll find it in the manual.

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