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Thread: "W32 Bank Repo"

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W32 Bank Repo

scott caskey

Wow, looks like a great platform to start from, and close enough to Newport beach to have Bud oversee the engine install. If I weren't already onboard "Marianne" I'd be flying out to Stockton this weekend.


Bud Taplin

The boat has one of the Garhauer mainsheet travelers I sell, as well as a pair of the mast pulpits. I sent an email to the seller to try to find the hull number, as I might have some additional info on the boat.

Jerry Turberville

I found this W32 for sale in Stockton California. It has no power, stove, and is also missing a few other things. It's listed at $15K, but says make offers.


I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pursue this right now, so I thought I should pass this along. I'm going to Sacramento in April and may see if I can take a look at it, just in case my situation improves sooner than expected.
In my mind I'm thinking at least $10K to repower and then another $1K+ for a stove just to get started.
I hate to see boats neglected, for any reason. It's amazing the number of boats for sale that look like they were abandoned and left to rot away.

Bud Taplin

I talked with the broker today, and the boat is #234, Data Base. I sold parts to the two previous owners, and even though I have not seen the boat recently, it was in fairly good condition the last time I did.
There is an offer in on the boat at WAY below the asking price, so if anyone is interested in taking on this fixer, make a lowball offer, but it has to be done immediately, or he may accept the one now made.

Bud Taplin

Too late, the boat has been sold.

Jerry Turberville

Thanks, That would be appreciated.

Jerry Turberville

I didn't expect it to go quite that fast. I was going to try and go look at it in a few weeks. Being at the right place, at the right time is all good, but if you're not ready it doesn't do you any good.
There's 2 W32's in the bay area that look prominsing, not to mention an unfinished kit in Santa Cruz. Also another 42 in San Diego that's been "creuised extensively" for $55K. It's an attractive price until I started factoring in the costs to address the items extensively cruised. Thanks for looking into Bud.

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