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Genoa Experiment -

Jay Bietz

Yesterday, Craig Newton and I experimented on Pygmalion with a old hang-on Genoa (?) with the hanks removed (the furling head sail precludes using hank on head sails)

The head of the sail is on a spinnaker bale and swivel block and the tack was attached to the bowsprit.

The sails foot almost reaches the back of the cabin and so securing the sheet was in experiment. Testing showed that using the boom gallow support as being too weak so I'm thinking of using a standing head block in the area of the black dot.


Since the winds were very light in the South Bay 1-6 knots and we actually got some reasonable performance.


Jay Bietz

I also have kept the luff wire in the sail.

Issues were:

We jibed as tacking just seemed impossible to control the sail. I also had to hand walk the sheet to the bow and around the outside of the sail and back to the stern to the turning block.

I'm looking at a Tacker on page 681 West Marine 2009 Catalog to make "tacking" easier and to change the load to the furler drum tack ring.

Dousing the sail was possible but it would seem that a spinnaker sock would have been much easier. There was a lot of sail to control and keep dry.

Over all I am very happy to have a sail for sailing in winds below 10 knots and have reasonable performance. We usually just motored until there as 10 knots of wind.

Jeff Matthiae


What about one of those continuous line luff furlers? Colligo Marine (probably others) make them for Code Zeros, gennakers, etc.


Jay Bietz

Jeff: The Colligo Marine model looks interesting. Looking at the design, I'm assuming it is designed to be installed all the time - I'd need to add sun guard to the leech and foot.


Jeff Matthiae


Beth and Evans have an article that you can download at http://www.bethandevans.com/pdf/LightAirsail.pdf

They use a Fancor. Info at http://www.facnor.com

I've read other articles but can't recall which magazine. The great thing about these furlers is that you furl the sail, drop it and bag the whole thing including the furler.

On a slightly different subject I received my new mast and boom a couple of weeks ago. I ended up going with Ballenger Spars. They look great and are set up on saw horses waiting for me to install the steps, winches and wiring. I'll be hauling out in a few weeks so won't be stepping the mast until around mid July when Odyssey goes back in.


Jay Bietz

Hi Jeff: Thanks for the info -- I'll check it out.

Keep a diary of your remasting work as the windblown folks and the rest of the group is interested in your work...


Jay Bietz

At the Oakland "sail only" boat show, I purcased a "Tacker" (www.atninc.com) to secure the "Tack" of the Genoa around the furled headsail.

I need to rig a "down haul" to keep the "Tacker" held down or to allow to ride up the headstay as needed.

Does anyone have a photo of how you rigged up the "down haul"?

Bud Taplin

Jay, I have been making up a vang for the tack of a cruising spinnaker. Consists of a Garhauer series 25 fiddle block with snap shackle, a single block with becket and snap, and 35' of 3/8" braided dacron line. A 1/2" D shackle is used to replace the pin on the headstay turnbuckle on the bowsprit eyeband, facing forward. The fiddle block attaches to it, and the single block attaches to the tack of the sail. The line comes back and is adjusted from the foredeck, and secured to the sampson posts or a bow cleat.

This should also work with your "Tacker".

Jay Bietz


I may have the fittings on board as spares. Can you point out the exact Garhauer device at the link below.

http://www.mauriprosailing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=MPS &Category_Code=GARFID25

I have 2 1/2" holes in my bowsprit eyeband and the inner one is for the furler - so I guess the forward hole could be used for the Fiddle block?


Bud Taplin

Jay, The blocks are not on that page you sent.

If you go to the Garhauer catalog, www.garhauermarine.com/catalog.cfm, you will find the single block at "single block with becket and snap", as the 25-16-US, and the fiddle block at "fiddle block with snap shackle". It is similar to the 25-03-UAB, except it has stainless steel sides, and is a 25-03-US.

I only use the blocks with stainless steel sides, which have the US designation.

Bud Taplin

Jay, If you have your headstay and furler on the inboard hole in the eyeband, then use the forward hole to attach a D shackle. In that case, you will not need a 1/2" D shackle, but can use a 5/16" one. This will let you attach the snap shackle to the D shackle, and have plenty of strength for the downhaul.

Jay Bietz


I found them with the part number 26-16 US and 25-03 US - nice of them to NOT have links to copy and paste... I'll look around and see if I have anything close.

thanks for the info.

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