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Thread: "Shipmat Propane Stove For Sale"

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Shipmat Propane Stove For Sale

Tom and Dana Stiffler

I'm finally getting around to installing my new Force 10 stove and will be removing my Shipmate stove this week. It is in very good condition. I am asking $400 for it. I'll send photos to interested parties. Cheers, Tom

Terry Shoup

Any idea what shipping from Texas to California would cost? Send pics if you would.

Fred K. Cheney

Which model Force 10 did you get? I'm looking to replace my Shipmate with one but have never been able to figure out exactly which model would fit in that same space the best...


Tom and Dana Stiffler

Fred, I bought the 3 burner Gimbaled North American Standard model(width 21-5/8" depth 20" height 21-3/4"). I have a little different galley configuration on the Whisper. The galley is L shaped and there is a rather large area for a stove. The width is 25 inches and depth is not a problem since it is not set between cabinetry on both sides. The previous owner had a Paloma propane water heater mounted behind the Shipmate so there is about 6 or 7 inches to spare now so the Force 10 should not extend out further than the Shipmate does now. The Force 10 needs 19 inches vertical clearance from the gimbaled mount to swing freely and that means it will be mounted with the top about 1" above the top of the cabinet on the left and half bulkhead on the right. I have a custom made butcher block cutting board to set on the top which should finish the installation of nicely. Cheers, Tom

Tom and Dana Stiffler

The cost of shipping a 40 lb package 24"x18"x18" to Los Angeles 90030 by FedEx Ground to a residential address is about $30. I am estimating the stove's weight at 40 lbs and choose the LA Civic Center area as a destination. Other CA locations and heavier packaging would change the quote somewhat but this is a ball park figure. Email me and I'll send pics. tstiffler@hughes.net.

Tom and Dana Stiffler

The stove is sold. Thanks for all the interest. Cheers, Tom

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