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Thread: "SSB Rope Antenna"

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SSB Rope Antenna

Jerry Turberville

Is anyone familiar with the "Rope Antenna?" Here's the link to the website: http://www.ropeantenna.com/

I was impressed with the specs and ordered one. I don't have a boat, but I do have an SSB and antenna tuner, along with a lot of other sailing gear from precious boats and swap meets. Considering the price and the antenna gain I thought it was not a bad investment.

This came to mind while reading the discussion on flying a flag from the backstay. One end of the antenna should be lead to 20 inches from the top of the mast (not sure why 20 inches), and the other end secured where conveinant. The site states the antenna "floats" in the rope and as such is "safer" than the conventional backstay antenna.

Norm Rhines


Sorry to see you got sucked in

I love there web site (look at the cat picture) ever heard of inductance? the transmit ability on that unit would not be so good, as the stay beside it is a great receiver for say 30%+/- of the transmitted power: going into, corrosion of the mast, other electronics or?. Also I did not see any thermal info on it (You might not want to have the two hour BS session with your buddy without checking the ropes core temp)

I think there product would work for non storm days that were Dry (no salt + water in the line?you know how all of your lines get a little stiff with salt out on the ocean?) Pulling a copper line up would also work as well, with less of an issue with the salt and water. ( remember try to keep it from alining near and with any conductive material i.e. for the cat, it should be connected off one of the front bows not along the upper stay) You don?t want to make a transformer - antenna.

I will give you, that there could be some advantage in the ability to move the transmit lobes orientations +/- over a fixed installation. (angle and location of antenna) and on Land it might be a real nice portable antenna, easy to pack and you could hang it up in a tree, or down the side of a building, not a bad Idea. But I would opt out when thinking of a boat.

If you paid more than the cost of the copper + the line + 5% for the core replacement, then you may have been taken IMHO.

I think there are some good books out there on Amateur radio antennas, they could be helpful to you in this area, I believe.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hey guys,
Very interesting discussion for me as I recently secured my ham radio license as a result of acquiring a nice old shortwave radio with the boat. So, Satori has the usual, I suppose, antenna of SS backstay with two insulators and a coax cable running from the radio station to the I suppose 30-40 foot insulated backstay/antenna. So, if I redo the standing rigging, should the backstay antenna insulators be replaced, as they are at least 10 years old.
As for the rope antenna, some say slinkies may work better for a lot less cost $$$.

Bud Taplin

The insulators are normally swaged onto the wires, so they have to be replaced when making up a new backstay. That is unless they are Norseman or other type of reusable fittings.

Jerry Turberville

I may have been taken, I don't know. It certainly won't be the first time. Of course, I'm running out of room for anymore hard knocks! I'll have to wait and see. If it does work, I'll at least have a spare for emergencies. I know there's a 25 foot emergency antennat available for less than half the cost, but I do like the idea of having the extra length.
I have a friend close by that has his general license. He's got several mobiles and is going to help me check the whole system out when I get some time. Trying to deal with some medical issues and getting my house on the market. Anyway, I'll let you know how it works, at least landlocked with an earth ground. Might be awhile for a sea trial.

Oh, yes, Congratulations Randy! Radio is a little like boats, a money pit, but at least you're having a great time!!

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks Jerry. I am very excited to be KE5TZG only can't get on the air right now cause my boat is in the yard. Chat with you later.

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