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Thread: "Spring Sail And Over Night At Angel Island"

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Spring Sail And Over Night At Angel Island


Just wondering if there is any interest in a Spring 2009 Friday night sail to Angel Island, overnight in the moorings and then meet and greet on the docks Saturday - and sail the bay Saturday afternoon and then???

Just come as you are and bring your own food etc.

We'll choose a weekend with min tides so the currents are low at the docks.

Angel Island does offer tours of all types of this historical area - walking, bikes, Segway, tram etc. along with a small diner and bathrooms.

What do you think - $20 for overnight use of the mooring and use of the day only dock.


I'd be interested. Just need a week heads up to reassemble whatever I've torn apart.


Cool the group is building. I'm not familiar with Schoonermaker Marina but always up for new places.

Let's pencil in April 25 then and see how that works. Location to be determined.


I'm totally interested. How about the weekend of April 25th? We could also go to Schoonermaker Marina in Sausalito....


Checking Lat 38 nonrace Calendar -- looks like April 26 is the "opening day" events -- do we want to compete for space during this busy weekend? I know that the AI gets filled up on "big" weekends.


If we had an idea of how many boats I could call ahead at Schoonermaker this week and make reservations. If they don't have any we could go the weekend before..that's the weekend of the Sail Expo.



Hmm maybe a combination of 4/16-17 Thur - Friday seeing the sail expo -- meeting other Westsailers - then sailing to overnight Saturday to the marina or Angel Island could be a plan?


That sounds like a plan. Please tell me by 4/1 if you want to go to Schoonermaker and I'll make reservations.



I'm thinking that AI will be easier - I need to scare up a crew yet for the over night.


Sorry if this the wrong place to ask, but are any of you planning on attending the Strictly Sail show in Oakland 15 - 19 April? Excuse me, I got the name wrong, it's now called the "Strictly Sail and Power Boat Show."
I'm driving over to Sacramento the 11th of Apr to check on my Mother and will be going to the show on the 15th. Just thought it would be nice to say "hello," if plans worked out.


Hi Jerry: I'm planning on being there on the 17th then maybe overnight at AI and sail the bay.

Sorry we can't meet.



Maybe next year at Angel Island.


Had a great time at Angel Island. Took a hike to the Immigration station and picked up crew and passengers from the eary Tiberon Ferry.

The 5 of us on board on Saturday had the usual stong winds in the slot and very low winds in other areas etc.

Learned that dropping passengers/crew off at Sam's Cafe in Tiberon is not possible as their very narrow docks are really for power boats and do fill up in the afternoon with the boats double stacked. Neither to the Corinthian folks like you to off load passengers on their docks - though we did anyway. Better to have the passengers/crew return by ferry to Tiberon.

Link below for all the photo's.

I also was at the "Sail Only" boat show Friday and ventured to the Dark Side... only $3.6M.




Hi: Pygmalion will be out on the SF bay Saturday -- hope to see other Westies out also.

I do moniter Channel 16.




Shots of the day ...

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