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Thread: "Portlights"

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Edward and Susan Crawford

I discovered delamination on the portside cabin side under center portlight in the saloon on the mahogany where the two pieces meet(1/4") glued and clamped hopefully it will work. It seemed to have entered through the screws holding the port light on. The others don't appear to be leaking. I played heck trying to remove the portlight. I had to use a screwdriver to pry the portlight and cover ring off,bent the cover ring in the process. It was a white bedding compound don't know what. I was wondering if it would be okay to remove the cover ring dig out around the portlight rebed the cover rings and screw holes. I am afraid damaging the interior wood if I pull the portlights out. Thanks

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

The only person I know who removed portlights said it was simple and easy. So, you must have some tenacious caulk like 3M 5200 or something. White is a common color for that. Anyway, I learned that by heating metal components with a small butane torch, the 5200 gives up the ghost and releases its grip- usually. Sorry I cannot answer your direct question about digging around the portlight and rebedding. Good luck

Bud Taplin

Since the water can only get in from the outside, than rebedding the exterior ring and fasteners should do the trick. However, if the gasket is leaking and letting water in there, then the water can seep down and rot the skins on the sides of the cabin. You have to make sure both locations are properly sealed.

Edward and Susan Crawford

Thanks for the info by the way the nuts on all my portlights were loose by 3 or 4 turns I don't know if they were never tightened or worked loose might want to check yours


After 30 years the rubber gaskets are usually dried out. Bud sold me the new gasket material and it's actually very easy to install..about 20 minutes to remove the old gasket and replace with the new gasket. Polishing the brass portholes to remove years of oxidation takes much much longer!

Fred K. Cheney

I had the same problem (delamination on the portside cabin side under center portlight in the saloon on the mahogany where the two pieces meet) The mahog. was so rotten that I cut it out in an inverted "V" around the portlight. I just replaced the wood with a piece of oak veneer, spliced in... I will probably end up painting that part of the cabin wall. The portlights were not difficult for me to remove - I have already done the starboard side, removed all 3, cleaned and rebedded them I used 3M 101 I think, - I've heard that Boatlife is good too, I would not use 5200... I also epoxied all around the edges of the holes first for a good seal...I'll post some pics of this "little" project soon...

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