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Thread: "Micro Electronic Fuel Pump Questions"

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Micro Electronic Fuel Pump Questions

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Anybody have experience with something called a micro electronic fuel pump? Mine is built by Mr. Gasket Group. I inherited it with my W32. I understand it is designed to go between the Racor filter/separator and the engine intake. Funny thing is that it says NOT FOR FUEL INJECTION SYSTEMS, and the Perkins is fuel injected. So, I wonder if I should even install it. What's the point? The engine has a manual pump and an electronic one. Also, do they make similar pumps that are designed for fuel injection systems? Thanks for any advice. Some say put it in, others say don't.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

So far I have not installed the pump that came with the boat. I did, however, mount it on a small board and install a few feet of fuel line on each end. I use it for miscellaneous pumping and fuel transer.
My dockmate says I should install a hand pump like is used to prime an outboard gas engine. He recommends installing it just upstream from the Racor filter/water separator. I may do that. I've used those hand pumps before and they are easy, but they do leak after awhile.

Ken and Debra Bridger

Randy, that pump was for use on a Ford pickup. Being a diesel it should work just fine on the Perkins. I like the idea of a bulb hand pump but being a single hander a flip of a switch might be easier on you. Ken

Rich Morpurgo

In some fuel injected gasoline cars the electric fuel pump is the high pressure pump. In that case they have to be able to hold between 30 to 60 psi. The mechanism on the engine on those cars is just a "fuel distributor"

they could be talking about that. If you have an electric lift pump, it should work on a diesel because the high pressure pump is still there.

Norm Rhines


I had a hand bulb. It failed (cracked and about 3 gal went down to the engine pan) I was on the hard at the time, so no problem (if you use a hand bulb make sure it is not to old) the mess is not much fun to deal with and at sea it would be even less fun. just a FYI

Ken and Debra Bridger

Norm, I had to sell Satori to Randy due to heart disease and now vascular dementia. At least I think I did........ so now its out of my hands. He is a single hander so KISS is good for him. I wanted a way to prime fast if I had to and planned on the electric pump per several experienced hands on the dock including one who was a marine mechanic. I just ran out of time and oomph. Ken

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