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Thread: "New Bronze Self-Tailing Barient 22's On EBay"

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New Bronze Self-Tailing Barient 22's On EBay

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Dang it Aaron - don't advertise those!

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

Nice set of never-used Barient 22 self tailing, all bronze winches on ebay. Supposedly originally bought to be put on a W32, too:

Barient Winches

I'm not the seller - just thought someone here might be interested in a set of great winches. Arco still has parts and all for them, too.


Gary and Charlotte Burton

Yeah - I was rubbibg my hands together when they were going for about $300....
I have some bronze Barient 22's that came with my boat but they are not self tailing. I want self tailing and I'm going to try and sell the 22's...they are unused I think. Hard to tell because they are old but the internals and drum look new. What your price on a pair of ST's Bud?

Bud Taplin

They sold for $1529 for the pair. Not such a good buy, unless you HAVE TO HAVE all bronze winches. You can get a pair of Lewmar 40 ST chrome bronze winches for less than that at any of the discount stores.

Just my opinion.

Aaron Norlund


I know a guy who is looking for a set of Barient 22's - another W32 owner. Drop me a line if you decide to sell them and I'll pass his info along.

$1500 is ridiculous for the set. Check out the Barient 20 stainless, non-self-tailing winches that're at $90...

Also, Gary, I've had great luck with the Watski Wincher rubber "self tailing" add ons. They self tail if you have enough wraps on them, but it's safest to use a standard cleat when you're not using them.


Bud Taplin

I am working out a group buy of Lewmar winches. A Westsail owner happens to work in sales at Lewmar, so he has worked up excellent prices on the winches. They need to be ordered and shipped to me, and I will ship them to the buyers. Lewmar does not want to drop ship to individual owners considering this discounted price, and then wait for payment.

Check the GROUP BUY section on the message board for the prices.

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