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Thread: "Need Your Ideas About These Repairs To W32"

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Need Your Ideas About These Repairs To W32

Saranagati Devi Dasi and Soma Devo

We're thinking of buying a W32 that needs these repairs: bow sprit replaced and cap rail repaired or replaced. Can anyone give us a guess on what those might cost? Also, where might we obtain a bow sprit? And is it feasible for a good carpenter to be able to do the cap rail work or does it really need a boat specialist?

Michael Dougan

Hi! You might cross-post this down in the Ask Bud section. Bud was the General Manager at Westsail and helped build many of our boats. He has all of this information on hand.

I know Bud sells a Stainless Steel replacement bowsprit, which he highly recommends. I'm not sure of the cost, but he can give you precise quotes, I'm sure.

The cap rail can be either repaired or replaced... I don't think that it is too technical a job, and a good woodworker could probably do it, but Bud will be able to advise you on what to look out for. I think there is some concern over the hull-deck joint and making sure it is sealed properly.

Jeff Matthiae

Hello Saranagati and Soma

The best thing for the bow sprit would be to buy one of the two stainless steel designs that Bud sells. Contact him about pricing. I put his pipe bowsprit on and am quite pleased.

The caprail can be a do it yourself project. I'm in the process of replacing mine and it's not that hard, just time consuming. Do a search on the board, I explained the steps I took in a previous posting. Teak is going up in price, I think I paid about $21 per board ft about a month ago on the wood for another project. The thick pieces for the curves will be more. Depending on how efficient you are with the wood I'd figure on $2,000+ for the teak. Probably another $500 for the bedding epoxy, screws, caulking, etc. The biggest tool expense it a planner if you don't have access to one. It takes a lot of time so if you don't do it yourself that will cost...

The W32 is a great boat. Most of the typical repairs have been done by many of the owners on this board so there is no shortage of "help". And there is a great resource in Bud. If you don't have his service manual that would be a good thing to get while you are looking at Westsails.

Good Luck,

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