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Thread: "Propellor Line Cutter Installation For W32"

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Propellor Line Cutter Installation For W32

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi Bud,
We are still on the hard. Satori has a line cutter of Stainless steel, base, cutter (attacthed to prop shaft) and SS deflector attached to hull. My question is: "Do you know how to mount it?" I took it off and stand responsible for that. I wonder whether I can drill and tap the New shaft log/cutlass bearing housing in two places with the prop shaft installed to replace the line cutter. Otherwise, I may be out of luck, or maybe not. I'd really like to keep the line cutter. Seems like the right thing to do.
Thanks in advance.

Bud Taplin

The ones I have seen are clamped to the shaft. I do not know about any other parts needed. Better try to contact the manufacturer.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks, Bud.
I just went online, which I should have done before I wrote you, and promptly found the Spurs line cutter with 11 pages of detailed installation instructions and drawings. They also had a review from one of the magazines that said it was the best brand name, but $300, and another British made one worked well and at half that price. So, I'll see what I can do.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Just to complete the report for any other Westsailors who may wish to install a line cutter, I learned alot. Installation was previously custom made, and I further customized the fitting for the cost of a few cheap parts and a couple more days in the yard. Apparently, the line cutter blade component was a five inch diameter set of blades, but the mounting wedge was oversized as an F mold, which is apparently not standard for the five inch blades as I understood the factory rep. Plus, the mounting wedge was cut down on the forward edge by about 1/4 of its length and a partial cylindrical (like 1/3 of a tube) shaped piece of stainless steel was welded on. The curved steel matched the stern tube and had holes drilled so that one could drop the propellor shaft and drill and tap two mounting holes in the stern tube. I tweaked a little here and there and shortened the trailing edge of the mounting wedge by 1/8 inch. I also added a zinc to the mounting wedge into the cavity the manufacturer had designed to allow for bolting onto a steel plate. Plus, the shaft extension or shaft saver that was already in place before I started was an essential element of the system. Maybe nobody cares. If they anyone does want to consider installing a line cutter, at least they may want to consider the complexities I found.
Thanks Bud. It was worth it for me.

Alan and Sue Johnson

Bud: I am about to remove the "Albin Vega" diesel motor from Hull #36. I belive this to be a VolvoMD? It still ran a year ago when last used. Is there any value to this? Should I just try Ebay and see what happens? I would prefer someone from WOA to have first shot at it. Alan

Bud Taplin


Put it into the FOR SALE section of this message board. Very hard to say what the value is. I guess just take offers, and accept what you feel is right for you.

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