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Thread: "Membership"

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Did I succeed in re-upping.? If so how do I get a new password/uswername combo? Thanks for keeping the faith

JF Housel "Indefatigable"

Michael Dougan

Hi John, I still show you in the database as expired (3/31/2004 though we extended everyone by 3 months this year). As soon as Louis confirms your payment, I'll send you your login information. Do you still have the houselphoto e-mail address? I haven't seen any payment confirmations come through the website, but it is possible for you to re-up through the on-line store front if you'd prefer faster action.

Louis Guillama

OK, I am now utterly and completely embarrassed. Since I trust you, our members, more than I trust my organizational skills I decided to investigate a little further and voila - I found Jim's check under a pile of Westsail documents that were pushed towads one edge of my hopelessly cluttered desk.

Jim, I sincerely apologize for not handling your check properly when it was received (September 2004!) and for inadvertently making your checkbook reconciliation more exciting than it had to be. Heaven knows you could have used the time more productively working on your brightwork or reading an old copy of Windblown!

Please consider your membership renewed as requested and accept my deepest apologies.



Terry Shoup

I remember reading that I could get half off my BoatUS membership by telling them that I belong to WOA -- do I need some sort of a number or other proof of membership?

Michael Dougan

Yea, I don't know the status of that... that was something from the Pat Tilsen days, and nobody really knows anything about it now.

Jeff Holemo

go to the Members Area and scroll down to the bottom... there is a link there to apply for BoatUS membership using the WOA group number. I have no idea if it works though.

Jeff & Wendy Gower

The last time I renewed my Boat/US they sent me a renewal for the full amount. I called their customer service phone number and asked them about a discounted rate through WOA. They still have (or had) it in their database and gave me the new rate. Good Luck.


Steve & Vanessa

I've been renewing Boat/US with the WOA discount for years. Works fine.

Terry Shoup

Just completed re-upping with BoatUS online, and they had no problem giving me the discount -- hey, seven bucks is seven bucks, right!

Terry Shoup

Are you planning to make an updated membership list available soon? The one that is currently posted is a couple of years old. A new one would make it easier for those of us who undertake organizing a rendezvous!

Michael Dougan

Hi Terry,

The membership list that is under the Member's Area is "dynamic" in that it just reads directly from the membership database... so, it is the most up to date.

What is not so up to date is that I haven't gone in to change member's status to expired if they haven't renewed for a while... I did that mainly because we got behind on producing newsletters and I thought I'd give everybody a break by stretching out their memberships...

I guess it is time to update everyone, but I think I'll wait until after Christmas!

Steve and Joan Morisky

My user profile has not been uploaded since joining (4/2007).

Please advise.


Michael Dougan

What kind of difficulty are you having? If you were able to post a message in the board, then your account should be active. Are you able to login to the Member's Area? If not, then you have to check to see if you have set your browser to reject cookies. In order to login successfully, we need to write a "session cookie" which will tell the system that you have logged in and not prompt you to log in again. If your browser rejects this cookie, you'll never be able to get to the Member's Area pages.

Steve & Joan

All problems resolved. THX for the reply.

Steve & Joan

Please update my profile on the Membership Roster to read:
Steve Morisky and Joan Morisky
1043 Adams Drive
Key Largo FL 33037 USA
smorisky@gmail.com 856-392-1948
New, Renewal Due: March 28th 2008
Owners of Jenny Leigh

Rich Morpurgo

good luck. I tried to get my profile changed about 10 years ago and it still hasn't been. I you can figure out who to talk to or what to do let us know.


Michael Dougan

Hi Guys, if you want your profile updated, just send an e-mail to boardmanager@westsail.org and be sure to include something about WOA or Westsail in the subject line, as I get so much spam from that address I delete it if it doesn't immediately catch my attention!

Steve and Joan, I've added your new boat info, congratulations!


Rich Morpurgo

Thanks, Mike.

Also thanks for your effort on the board. I re-read my post and I didn't mean to sound ungrateful to anyone. I know that alot of folks have done alot for the WOA.


Michael Dougan

No worries Rich, besides, 10 years ago, I wasn't in charge of the membership database ;-)

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