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Thread: "Handheld VHF Suggestions"

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Handheld VHF Suggestions


Anyone have and recommendations of handheld VHF radios to buy or stay away from for cruising? Is it worth the extra money to get one with GPS, extra frequency bands? Are there any reviews of a sampling out there on the web?

Dave Kall

Stay away from the little Cobras. They're about equal to a toy. We have two aboard and were thinking they would be a good one for the dinghys. NOT. Will get rid of them when we get back to the states.

Fair Winds

Michael Dougan

I have a Standard Horizon HX260S and I love it. Great battery life, well made, supposedly submersible (I'm not going to test that theory voluntarily).

The only weird thing is that it is difficult to keep the rubber sealing plug in the spot where you plug the charger in. That could have been designed better.

Terry Shoup

I have a West Marine VHF 200 that I bought on sale several years ago. It seems to fit my needs, and if I could ever figure out where I put the instruction book that came with it, I'll bet I could get it to do a lot more things! Battery life is good -- I used it for several days (not 24 hour ones, but probably 12 at a stretch) without having to recharge, which was good, since I couldn't remember where I had put the 12 volt charger! Good radio, bad memory.

Tom and Dana Stiffler

I have an ICOM I bought in 1987. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and put it in storage after several years of trouble free service in 1994. It remained in a uncontrolled climate storage shed for 14 years. I unpacked it last year, charged the battery up and it works great. Got to love it.

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