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Thread: "Long Island Sound"

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Long Island Sound


Is anyone interested in holding a Long Island Sound/ New England Rendevouz in summer 2005. I was thinking about July or August as the right time to do it. We held one several years ago at Mystic Seaport in Mystic. CT. This went fairly well, although organized a bit late and therefore not as well put together as i would really have wanted. If there is interest for next summer, I would start putting it together now. I would suggest that we go to Mystic again, but I am open to suggestions. We could even go a couple of places over a long weekend.


Sure, I'd be up for it. That would be great!



We would also be up for that. We are usually up in that area the first week of August. Anywhere between NJ and Cape Cod would be good for us. My personal favorites would be Newport, Oak Bluffs or Block Island. We are simple folk and prefer mooring out. I'm not sure how that fits in to your rendezvous format.

Jim Landers
s/v Dreamer


We're taking Robin north from the Chesapeake for our first extended sail as her owners some time next summer. We planned a stop at Block Island. We'd probably be going in early July, and we'd like to be included in the planning for a rendezvous. At this point, we're flexible.
Doug & Monica Campbell


Well, four boats seems to be enough to get started. I am rather impartial as to where we go, Newport or Block would be fine. Both are fine, but, of course, Block has the better dockside Tiki bar. For myself, timing would have to be later in July or early in August, because I am probably going to help bring one of the Marion - Bermuda racing boats back from Bermuda in early July. So, I would suggest the last weekend in July or one of the first two in August. Please place your votes.


Probably vote for the last week of July or the first week of August... last year, everyone in the office tried to take the second week in August off (suddenly realize the summer is almost over).

Block would be closer for me, but either would be fine.

Not sure if we'd be able to make it, but we would definitely try to, so a tentative fifth boat is interested. Block Island is closer for us as well, but don't change any plans on our behalf. Hope we can make it.

Kendall 32


Hey J... Mystic is only about 30 feet closer for me than it is for you ;) (Mike from the other Westsail about 2 slips away from you)

I agree, Block Is. would be ideal, but I don't know if the facilities are available/reasonable there either. I'm game for either though.

Count me in. I'll be sailing up from northeast Florida in a couple of weeks to the Sound for the summer and fall.

Am glad to hear that there is the possibility of a rendezvous up here (it will be our first). How is the anchorage @ Mystic?

Block Island gets this vote.

Daniel MacLeod


Hi Daniel,

The Mystic Rendezvous is set for the dates of August 19th-21st at the Mystic Seaport, CT

Contact the Dockmaster through the Seaport Museum if you want to arrange dockspace. Also, look under the North-East Rendezvous topic for specific info on the event.

Ein Schloss, Ein Wurst, Ein Kopf !bas

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