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Thread: "Interior Upholstery"

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Interior Upholstery

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

I just finished sewing new interior upholstery for the boat. You can view photos at the following link:

Asia Marie's Upholstery

We're going to use it this way for a while to decide what sort of backrests we want to use.


Aaron Norlund


No, that isn't a shower, although I do have the shower pan plumbed to drain into a small bilge sump with its own pump. We removed the two wooden doors that originally closed off the head and V-birth, deciding to use a single curtain in stead.

The single curtain can be clipped to close off the head itself, or clipped to a pad eye to close off the v-birth. There is a bungy chord with clips on it that allows the curtain to adjust width. At the bottom I have 1/8" brass chain for weight, and a block magnet in the corner. On the two bulkheads, down low, I have magnets mounted in little fabric packets to which the magnet in the curtain attaches with only a little bit of guidance. This keeps it in place, gives adequate privacy, but does not reduce air flow and is easy to use.

Aaron N.

Chris L

Aaron is that a shower you have installed in the hall way of your boat??


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