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Thread: "Internet Service"

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Internet Service

Ian Kitch and Kirkley Ferguson

Looking for a way to have internet on boat while cruising,does anyone have good and cheap method. This would be for outside the states.

Michael Dougan

Hi, what type of service are you looking for? Do you want to simply be able to send/receive e-mail, or are you talking about browsing web pages?

There are good systems for sending and receiving e-mails which work through an SSB radio, and can work long distances, just about anywhere in the world.

IF you want to browse web pages, this is much more complicated. If you will be near shore, or in marinas, then a laptop with a wireless WiFi card will suffice in many locations.

If you are coastal sailing, then, a network card such as the Verizon card works well around the North East coast of the US, but you would have to check with providers in the area you plan to be sailing in.

If you want internet out in the middle of the ocean, then you'd be looking at having a satellite receiver installed on your deck. This would be fine for browsing/receiving, however, if you want to upload anything, or send out e-mail, then, you're back to having to use either an Inmarsat handset (they don't have coverage everywhere in the world) and/or use your SSB.

You can google Inmarsat and see what internet plans they have, but I'll warn you now, they are not cheap!

Good Luck!

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