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Thread: "Porthole Rain Covers"

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Porthole Rain Covers

Bud Taplin

I have been in contact with a manufacturer that is making plastic porthole covers to keep out the rain, but permit the porthole to be kept open. They recently have made covers for round portholes. They are available for 6" and 8" diameter portholes. If anyone is interested, I can obtain them, and if there is a group buy, we can probably get a good discount. The list price is $24.95 for the 6" size, and $26.95 for the 8" size. They sent me a sample of one, and it looks good. They have a self-stick adhesive tape on them for easy installation.

I will keep track of requests, and when there are enough to arm twist the manufacturer, I will contact them.

porthole rail cover

David Beardsley

Aloha Bud, You can put me down for 4 of the 6 inch. I hope there are enough of us to get a good price. Thanks, David B. S/V Asylum.

Rich Morpurgo

I will also take at least 2 of each


Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I'm in for 4 of the 6".

s/v Siempre Sabado


I'd be interested in 4 or the 6 inches.

Bud Taplin

There has not been a great response to this group buy, but I will contact the manufacturer and find out what the minimum number of pieces they would require.
Will let you know.

Jean Bourgeois

I'll take 4 of each please


bump, Bud, are you still doing this?


I've discoverd that 1/2 pound deli containers cut properly work beautifully on the 4"ers. Had to buy some sherbet yesteday as that container looks promising for the 6"ers! Or a plastic insert for garden pots.

Bud Taplin

I received an order for a total of 43 of the visors (23 for 6" ports and 10 for 8" ports). The discount with inbound freight only came to $2.00 on each visor. Therefore the visors are $22.95 each for the 6" port, and $24.95 for the 8" ports, plus Priority Mailing to you of $10.35.

If you still want them, let me know and I will send them out. Please let me know either way, as I will return those not sold.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

Whoa! Is that $22.95 + $10.35 for EACH 6" visor ($33.30 ea)? I was also kind of hoping the bulk discount would be better than 8%. I think I'm going to have to pass. Too many other things to spend $200 on. Thanks anyway, Bud.


Bud Taplin

Steve, The shipping cost is $10.35 for priority mail, no matter how many I can fit in one box. If I find that there is another shipping method that is less expensive, of course I will use it, and only bill for the exact shipping cost.

I will agree that the discount is slim. I asked them to give me a price quote once I had requests for 43 visors, and instead they just shipped them to me, and sent me an invoice. I contacted them about it, but they said they were a small company, and cannot offer much of a discount. I told them that I would contact the people that inquired about them, and they agreed to take back any that were not sold. I have a month before the invoice is due, and will either send them to owners that still want them, or return them and only pay for the ones sold.

That's why I put the final price on the post so that there would not be any surprises to owners. I hope the owners that requested them will contact me either on this post, or by email directly. It doesn't really matter to me if they are sold, or returned, because this offering turned out to not be worth the time and trouble for me.

Ken Schatz

Bud -

I don't recall what I said I'd take. I think 2 of the small ones. Might have said 2 little and 2 big or 4 little. Whatever I said, I'll take them. Thanks for all your work. Incidentally, we're going sailing for May and June. If shipping runs later than maybe April 15th, send them in July or August or they will end up going to Chicago or someplace

Ken on Ellipsis

Bud Taplin

Ken, I will ship them to you by Fed Ex ground. Found that is less expensive than Priority mail, because they are so light in weight. Only $8.70 for four of them to a residential address in FL.

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