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Thread: "Crealock-Designed W32 "Lookalike" On EBay"

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Crealock-Designed W32 "Lookalike" On EBay

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Boats_Sailboats__Crealock-32-Dreadnought-NEW-Main -30HP-DIESEL-NO-RESERVE_W0QQitemZ140281501482QQddnZBoatsQQadiZ2794QQddiZ2831QQad nZSailboatsQQcmdZViewItemQQptZSailboats?hash=item140281501482&_trksid=p4506.c0.m 245&_trkparms=65%3A3%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1308

Anybody ever heard of Dreadnought Boatworks?

Bud Taplin

I built a number of them back in the early 1970's. If anyone is really interested in buying this boat, contact me.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Bud - one thing I was never able to find out about these boats is do they have a cored hull? Someone told me some did and some did not...and if they are cored, with what?

We had one here in Brookings for a while....pretty boat but the interior was small compared to the w32

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

The Tayana that is also on EBay is very similar in appearance to the W32 as well. Is the Hurricane Ike W32 on EBay the same one that was listed previously?

Bud Taplin

The Dreadnaught hulls have a balsa core above the waterline, and solid fiberglass below the waterline. The interior is smaller than the W32, partially because of not as much beam on the hull as the W32.

I did check out W32 Scudder on Ebay, and obviously the first auction was not completed, and she is up again. Don't know why, but I felt that at $9600 she was still a good buy.

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