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Thread: "Buying In America"

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Buying In America

Damon Rickett (Guest)

I am interested in purchasing a Westsail. It will be my first boat. Most of the boats that I have seen for sale are in America (I am Canadian). I was wondering if anyone knew what complications/paperwork/duty would apply to a Canadian purchasing a Westsail in the States and bringing it back up to Canada. If anyone has any info it would be of great assistance. Thanks.

Bud Taplin


There are lots of Westsail boats already in Canada, and some for sale. There is one listed for sale by owner on my website, at www.westsail.com.

Hopefully some of the Canadian owners will answer this question, as I cannot answer it for you.


Damon Rickett (Guest)

Thanks, I've seen the one on your site for sale and am interested in contacting the owner. The only problem is that I'm interested in purchasing a W32 is June or July 2005 as I am living in Vietnam right now and cannot view any boats. From reading through some of the other postings on your site I noticed that you mentioned having a list of people looking for boats. Would you be able to add my name to that list? How does this list work? Will you notify people on this list as new boats become available? Also, is there a rendevous in the great lakes region any time in 2005? I'd love to come down and take a look at some of the boats. Thanks again.

Damon (Guest)

Sorry to keep bugging you like this but I have on last question. I heard that hulls made after 75 have some "unique" characteristics. Is there anything that I should be looking for? Is this a big problem when it comes to purchasing a W32? Should I concentrate on buying a boat made earlier than 75?

Bud Taplin


You can post a note on the bottom of my "For Sale" page that you are looking to buy. I don't notify people, but leave it up to the buyers and sellers to do the deals themselves. I do not want to act as a broker in these transactions.

It has been a few years since any owners have offered to sponsor another rendezvous on the Great Lakes. Hopefully someone will step forward.


Bud Taplin


In early 1976 Westsail built a new set of hull and deck molds, and the hull was laminated in a one piece mold, rather than in a split, two piece mold. They also modified the propeller aperture, and did many modifications to the deck. These boats were approximately after #625. There is more headroom in these boats, if you are particularly tall and need the headroom. A skylight was also incorporated in the cabintop over the salon, a built-in hatch turtle, flush lazarette hatch, and a portside cockpit seat locker, amongst some other upgrades. The lamination schedule remained the same though.


Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks for the info. My height is 6' 2.5" I'm in the market for a 32 and will definitely do the 1976/#625 of later hull. Great news. Boy, contacting you and joining WOA BEFORE I bought is going to pay spades. Thanks again.
Randy Kocurek

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