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Thread: "Cutlass Bearing For W42"

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Cutlass Bearing For W42

Richard and Penny Beesley

With our fixed prop freewheeling under sail, we are starting to get a rattling vibration in our PSS Shaft Seal. This does not happen under power. I fear that the cutlass bearing may need replacement during a scheduled haulout in a few weeks.
Could you provide me with the specs for the cutlass bearing for our W42. Do you sell them or are they an "off the shelf" item? Also, is it typically necessary to remove the shaft log to replace the bearing?
Thanks. Hope all is well.
Penny and Richard

Bud Taplin

The cutlass bearing is an off the shelf part. Depending on your shaft diameter, 1-1/4" or 1-1/2". The OD of the bearing is either 1-1/2" or 2".

The majority of the W42's, especially the factory finished ones, have an 1-1/4" OD shaft, and the bearing is 1-1/2" OD.

The log does not have to be removed from the hull. The shaft has to be pulled, then the bearing cut out of the log. Be sure to loosen the setscrews. Usually a hack saw blade or a sawzall is used to cut through the bearing on each side, and get it out. A hone should then be used to smooth up the inside of the log before inserting the new bearing. You may have to also file some of the OD of the new bearing to be able to slip it in. Try not to pound it in place if possible. Be sure to tighten the set screws.

I can get a new bearing for you if one is not available locally. Most boatyards have a supply of various sizes.

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