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Thread: "Is This Boat A Relative Of Westsail, Or...Worldcruiser?"

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Is This Boat A Relative Of Westsail, Or...Worldcruiser?

David Wiencke

I saw this boat in Cornucopia, WI on the south shore of Lake Superior. The bow profile looks alot like a Westsail. The bowsprit and platform, cranze iron, bobstay and tang all look like they're from a Westsail. It's not a double ender, has a flush deck in the mid section and cutaway keel and skeg mounted rudder. Just curious, looks related to the Westsail family, Worldcruiser perhaps? Bud? Anyone?

Bud Taplin

No, it is not a Westsail. I recall the design, but have to check my files to verify the name and builder.

Kevin Donahue and Marilyn Falconer

Looks like a Golden Hind 31.


David Wiencke

It does look a bit like a Golden Hind, but this boat doesn't have an outboard rudder or raised cabin that I could see. It's a fiberglass boat, about 37' long, has a raised deck midsection, much like Tom Gillmer's "Blue Moon", or a Crocker design.

I found it curious that so many features of construction, and hardware design and fabrication, were identical to the W32, ie: the boom gallows, bowsprit and platform, cranze iron, bob stay and tang, cap rail, round bronze ports. I have't seen a cranze iron of this design other than on a Westsail, so assumed it was a Westsail Co. design?

On an unrelated topic, not being sure of my Westsail history, did Worldcruiser Yacht Co. build some westsails, or any other boats, like the Worldcruiser 50 featured in Ferenc Mate's book?

Bud Taplin

The boat is a Safari 37, designed by Klaus Grohnert, and built in Costa Mesa by Safari Marine. I believe they only built a few of them. I believe that Klaus worked for Westsail at some time, so that may be why some of the construction details are similar. I have a pretty complete set of brochures and drawings of the boat in my files from the 1970's.

I did build a number of custom Westsail boats, as well as a number of others designs while I operated Worldcruiser and was actively building boats. I purchased my hulls from other companies, and sometime decks also, to custom build for a customer. I designed the 50' schooner using a Columbia 50 hull, but never built one as the customer backed out. I did build two 44' schooners using an Islander 44 hull, and also a Westsail 42 schooner.

Tell me if that dates me or what?

Michael Dougan

Wow, a Westsail schooner, I'd love to see a photo of that.

Bud Taplin

Michael, It is on my website under W42 boats for sale.

Michael Dougan

Thanks, that looked pretty cool. Good job!

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

Is the Islander 44 listed on Yachtworld one of your schooners?

Bud Taplin

I contacted that owner and found it was not one of the two I built. He used the original Islander deck, and we built our own deck on both boats. Also I redesigned the spade rudder into a skeg and rudder. One of the two is cruising in Europe now. The other was in San Diego, but not sure if she is still there.

Michael Dougan

I'll let Bud answer officially, but my experience with schooners is that they have a significantly shorter boom dimension, and, I would assume, to keep the sail shape roughly proportional, would have a slightly shorter mast height.

Might depend on whether you have a fixed topmast or not ;-)

A schooner-rigged Westsail would be an awesome boat though, in my opinion (since I love them both).

Frank and Melanie Scalfano


Does the schooner rig shorten the mast heights versus a ketch rig? I have wondered about upgrading to a W42 some day, but I unless I keep a boat somewhere besides where I live now, it would have to be under a 52' bridge clearance if I wanted to get the boat up the Tennessee Tombigbee. The mast height you gave for the W42 on the other thread would have a bridge clearance of at least 55'.


Bud Taplin

The schooner I built should have that bridge clearance, maybe. We used a 50' W42 mainmast, and it is mounted on the cockpit floor, which is probably only about 2' above the waterline. Close to the 52' bridge clearance you want. You could always heel the boat over when going through a bridge. Put your heaviest crew members out on the end of the mainboom, and swing it out.

The foremast is a 43' mast, same as the W32.

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