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Thread: "MD11C Mounts In W28"

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MD11C Mounts In W28

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Hello Bud, you may have read my post in the Iron Genny section so you'd undertand that I've been spending some time in the engine room recently staring at it while hand-pumping the fuel and engine is running under the load.

That is when I have noticed some movement of the metal rails the engine is mounted on. The movement is not big but large enough to get me worried that the rails are becoming loose and the only way to fix it is to remove the engine...

Could you please tell me how the whole engine mounting is organized in W28, I can see tops of the bolts but cannot feel anything underneath.
Thanks for your help.

Bud Taplin

I have only done one replacement of a Volvo engine in a W28, and found that the rails were thrubolted to the fiberglass engine pan. There may be some further information in the Westsail factory construction manual for the W28.

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Thanks Bud!

George and Rayna Shaunfield

Wojciech, does your engine bed look like this? I have wondered if this is the original engine bed. It appears to be double aluminum plates on each side and bolted to the fiberglass engine pan as Bud described.
engine pan

My 1978 W28 originally had a 13 hp Volvo MD-7A. Then the original owner replaced it in early 90's with a 40 hp Pathfinder. That engine was rusted inside and I have now replaced it with a Kubota D1005 - what Beta calls the BD1005, or Universal calls the M-25XP.


Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

George, my engine bed looks very much the same but the plates look more like bronze. I have since located the nuts underneath and will be trying to tighten them. I really am trying to avoid the engine removal but if this is not going to help I will have no choice. The movement of plates is not big and only occurs while underway, but I think there should be no movement there.
Thanks heaps for thr photo and your input. I'll keep you guys posted on further developments.

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