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Thread: "Genoa Or Super Yankee?"

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Genoa Or Super Yankee?

Ian Kitch and Kirkley Ferguson

I have a west sail 32 but don't have a good light air sail, what is the best thing a large genoa and what size or a super yankee(which I am not sure exactly what that is) and what size?

Jim Focha and Julie Gwin

We gave our genoa away after purchasing a Super Yankee from Kern. This is the name he gives the jib he makes for the Westsail. Although he makes a larger Jib he reccomends the S/Y for most crusing. We also carry a drifter and a crusing spinniker. We didn't use the spinnker last year and found the drifter to be prone to colapse in slightly rolly conditions. We are returning to Mexico tommorrow to get the boat ready to go back in the water and will bring the drifter home. Just my opinion but I'd skip the genoa and go with the super yankee. If you need a light air sail I'd go with a crusing spinniker.

Ian Kitch and Kirkley Ferguson

Thanks, how do I find this Kern person?

Jim Focha and Julie Gwin

The number I have is (949) 645-7741 if it's not right Bud has it. Kern has been makeing sails for Westsails for along time and seems to have them dialed in. Also I believe Dave King uses Kern sails. We have a full batten main we bought a couple of years ago and the improvement over the hollow leach-battenless sail was beyound my expectations. I call about 8:00 am and usually get him.

Ian Kitch and Kirkley Ferguson

thanks for your help.

Steve & Vanessa

I've had great luck with my full-battened main and cruising spinnaker in light air. Full-battened main holds its shape therefore, I believe, it is more efficient in lighter air. Cruising shoot is a great light air head sail and is useful on on just about any reach. Mine is wearing out, as don't change it out soon enough when the winds freshen up. The Westsail certainly can handle the load, so I usually don't notice and have to make a conscious effort to remember to take it down. But it sure is fun!

Steve & Vanessa

Oh, and BTW, I LOVE my super yank also! Kern makes a great sail.

Mike McCoy

At first I kinda balked at the price (not the cheapest) but in retrospect I'm glad I went with Kern.

As Jim says, Kern has the WS32 sail plan dialed in. The performance difference between the stock WS32 sailplan and Kerns full roach/battened main + super yankee combo is definitely worth his price (not to mention the quality/craftsmanship/materials you get as well).

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