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Mark and Patti Miller

HI,out there. Myerchin has a new knife called the p300. I like it, I want to buy it. The only thing I don't like is it has a pointed / serrated blade. I like the plain sheeps foot, anybody out there use a serrated blade? It seems to me that It would make a real mess out of a cut. The pointed blade I can fix/live with. Sail on fine sailors. Mark, Patricia A W28.

Aaron Norlund


I do not like serrated blades. Whenever cutting line, I try to use a board and mallet to get a very clean cut; that doesn't work with serrations. That said, a serrated blade, especially Myerchin's, will cut a 1/2" line in one or two passes, whereas regular blades can take four or five.

If your goal is safety, a good serrated blade is great. If you want a multipurpose tool, go with a flat blade.

I have one of the Myerchin rigging knifes. I bought it with one of their stainless spikes, but don't use that as I find it uncomfortable to work with. I acquired a blue steal spike in Lunenberg while working aboard a tallship; a coat of oil and the thing hasn't winked at rust in a few years, and I can get it to bend or chip, unlike my Myerchin spike, which has been bent and rebent several times.

Fair leads!
Aaron N

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

My opinion,
Have all the blades you need with as many associated knives as necessary. One in the pocket, one in the holster, one around the neck. Be sure to have a good shackle pin tool, too. The one around the neck saved one of my boats years ago from a lee shore.

Mark and Patti

Hi guys,All good stuff you say.Aaron I don't know what do you mean bend or chip please explain plus what tall ship was that anyway? Randy, you and I think alike. You can't have too many knives. So far I have a Telo,KA-BAR,A.B.L, Myerchin,Captin Curry.I really like the one about the one around the neck! Sail on Bros. Mark S/V Patricia A W28.

Aaron Norlund


Don't think I ONLY have the Myerchin. That's just my official "rigging" knife. I wore that whenever I was on deck on the tallships. I worked aboard SSVs Corwith Cramer and Westward with SEA and OCF respectively. I have a fair share of knives on the boat.

As for spikes, the stainless spike Myerchin has is very soft - I've bent it several times. The steel spike I keep in my sheath now is true hard steel and doesn't bend. I've used it to open many 1 and 2" shackles. It doesn't even know it's being used with our puny 1/2" shackles.

Hope this helps!
Aaron N.

Mark and Patti

Aaron, I would'nt think that you only have one. So what ya got? OK so now I see what you mean by bend & chip, I read too much into that. Mark.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Glad you liked the idea I got from Sailor magazine about some sailboat lost in a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Long story short, the last hand out of the pilot berth grabbed his lanyard with knife attached which saved the crew and lifeboat from being drug down with the sinking ship. Very real, very true story! As for my little ship, I had the fisherman's stainless steel folding blade with marlin spike on a lanyard around my neck about 30 years ago (shortly after reading the article) in a brand new to me Flying Dutchman 18(sporting an Olympic plate, no less) that I was refurbishin and sailing. Well, the wind was too much on Clear Lake off Galveston Bay here, and picked me up (single handed) and pushed us both hard and fast to the rock/riprap crusted lee South Shore about a mile away. The shackle on the main was frozen. The knife and marlinspike got it loose PDQ. Still, it was too close for comfort. So, I always have one of those fishermen's knives around my neck on any trip on the water, which have been fishing trips mostly. Very handy for general utility, cutting bait, etc... by the way.
Randy K.

Mark and Patti

Nice story Randy, thanks.Mark.

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