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Thread: "Bob Stay For Anchoring"

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Bob Stay For Anchoring

Ken and Debra Bridger

Question in GD came up about using the bottem hole in the bobstay for anchoring. He stated and old salt told him it would cause a leak or something worse. I think I had 10-15ft of 1/2inch three strand with a chain hook. Whats the scoop. Thanks. (I really miss Satori but she is in good hands).

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hey Ken,
I'd like to know the answer too, and, thanks for the huge compliment which I hope live up to. If you can, give me a call and I'll tell you all about the engine.

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

Cruise on over to Westsail General Discussion under the item "Anchor chafing". Bud hasn't weighed in yet but Dave King has an anecdote that convinced me that this would be a bad practice.


Ken and Debra Bridger

Steve, thats why we are here. Bud dosn't check all the threads. Thats why I noted the thread in GD in my first post. I thought Bud turned me onto this trick, but in my morphine induced haze I just don't remember who first told me about doing this. I think the 1/2 inch three strand will stretch and break long before the bobstay fitting will fail. But like I said, I just don't remember. I think it was a fix for searching around while anchored and it reduces scope by distance from the roller to the surface. We need Bud! He will know. Ken

Colleen Crystal

Heads up - Bud left for his Idaho cabin last Friday. It may be that he is in transit, or if he's smart doesn't have the internet in his vacation cabin.

Bud Taplin

Sorry Colleen, I do access the internet once in a while here, however since I am on dialup, it takes forever to download anything.
I think that I would have to agree with Dave King about the possibility of loosening the seal on the bobstay fitting and thus causing leaks. Don't think you could ever pull it out, or bend it.


Dear,bud is it possible to use a boom gallows from avw42 on a w35?

Bud Taplin


No, because the W42 gallows is mounted on the aft cabintop, with all mounting pads on the same level. The W32 boom gallows is mounted on the caprail, and the aft legs are on the downslope of the caprail.

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