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Thread: "Rotten Foredeck"

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Rotten Foredeck

Tom Crank

Your solution is the correct one. The important part is to cut back the plywood and fill the void with epoxy around the cutout for the sampson posts and to overdrill the holes for the bowsprit bolts and fill with epoxy. Just have him check the price for that much 5200. That should convince him.

Edward and Susan Crawford

A dockmate of mine also has a westsail(78) he has rot in his foredeck from about 3to4" aft of the sampson posts forward several drill holes through the the glass show no wood left. I have suggested he cut through the glass replace the wood and reglass using the pieces that were cut out. He wants to use a 3/4"plywood backing plus a piece of 3/8" 4"X16" piece of alum.then try to fill the area between the two pieces of glass with 5200,remove the sampson posts and use a cleat and feels it would be sound. It has the molded in riser it seems to be sound. I think this is unsafe with the compression loads on the bowsprit If anyone could give advice that would be helpful pro or con it would be appreciated The bulkhead at the anchor locker and the sampson posts also had rot.

Bud Taplin

I would agree with Tom's solution, as that is probably the best one.

Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

The wood is completely gone below the deck in my chain locker. I was told by the previous owner that it was not a structual issue and it was not listed as a concern when the boat was surveyed. Is this something that should be addressed?

Bud Taplin

Because the deck area above the chain locker is small, and you have the vertical surfaces of the bulwarks close at hand, then no plywood in this area is probably not a problem.
However, the securing of the bowsprit in this area is a problem. I would suggest a large piece of aluminum plate on the underside to spread the bowsprit bolt loads. Also, sampson posts in good condition help prevent the bowsprit from shifting aft under load.

Tom Crank

The other issue is of course determining the cause and taking steps to prevent the problem from spreading.

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