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Thread: "Furler Gear -- Recommendations"

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Furler Gear -- Recommendations

Jay Bietz


I am researching adding furling gear to my bosses West Sail 32. Bud is listing 2 models, the Jarken Unit #1 Model 882C and Profurl Model LCI 32 at about the same price.

I am hoping to get some user feed back on which model to recommend to the owner. He is wondering if there is an issue with jamming and if there are any tips and ideas on installation etc.

Also assuming I install the furler -- is the staysail still useful or is removal an option?

I am also getting info on a new head sail from Kern.


Jay Bietz
Crew chief
Pygmalion #567
Alameda Marina, CA

Craig Newton

Walk over to the rigging shop at Svendsen's and talk to the rigging foreman. He seems very knowledgeable and Svendsen's has a good rep.

Craig Newton
W32 Voyager
Alameda CA

Rich Morpurgo

I think that the profurl's appeal has waned some. The new company owners have raised prices and talk around the dock had left support issues ringing thru.

Ask Kern about this as well/


Rod Lawson

in answer to your question about the need for the staysail, I would suggest "yes" it is still necessary. When tacking, I find the staysail keeps the momentum. Without it you may have difficulty tacking properly. Hope this assists. I should mention my staysail is loose footed.

Jay Bietz

Thanks for all the input.

I ended up ordering from Kern Sails - a Furlex furler kit w/ headstay and 300 SF. Yankee.
Hope to have installed next month.

Rod can you describe how the staysail sheet is routed w/o the boom? I am so tired of the boom!!

Mike McCoy

I just removed the staysail boom from my WS32. I can tell you having it out of the way *really* frees up the foredeck. Almost like having a new boat ;)

To me the advantage of having a staysail boom was the 'self-tending' single sheet.

In his service manual Bud describes a way to rig the boomless staysail to basically achieve the same thing. Note however I understand going boomless will cost some staysail performance due to the foot being loose. Even if so, it's a small price to pay for opening up the foredeck.

Rod Lawson

Jay, I just have tracks mounted to the cabin top with a roller (please excuse my ignorance, I don't know the proper names) and the ropes just pass onto either side of the companionway where I have a small winch and cleat mounted. If you want actualy photographs I'm happy to take some and send them to you. Just email me. rl@rodlawson.com
Alternatively if you go to my website www.westsailor.com and see the photos, number 14 of 23 you can see the lines running along the cabin top to the tracks etc... There is a lot of junk on the deck as I'd just collected the boat but it is fairly clears. Hope this assists.

Jay Bietz

Rob, thanks for the link and photo -- that will help. Your boat looks ready for a long trip!!

Here are a few shots of Pygmalion.

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