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Thread: "W-32 "My Star", W-32 "Flying Cloud" And W-28 "Nomad""

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W-32 "My Star", W-32 "Flying Cloud" And W-28 "Nomad"

Michael Dougan

(message posted for an unregistered user)

This message is really for Bud Taplin whose name I recall from contact with the Westsail factory in the early 1980's although I may be mistaken. I bought a new W-28 ("Nomad") in the late 1970's when I lived in New York and shipped her overland back to Newport Beach when I moved there in 1981. I subsequently bought a nearly new "special order" W-32 called "Flying Cloud" from an owner in Marina del Rey and my wife and I cruised in her full time for some 4 years until 1986. If anyone can give us news of either boat we would be most grateful. Coincidentally just yesterday we saw "My Star" motoring up the River Plym from our home here in Plymouth UK. She was the first Westsail we had seen since leaving the States and brought back a lot of very happy memories! With thanks for any help - John Wilson

Bud Taplin

Michael, If you can pass this message to John Wilson I would appreciate it.
The Westsail 28 that I have on my old list that was named NOMAD, is #31, and is now owned by Malcolm Glover in Northern California, and now named CARABIA.
I do not have a W32 with the name FLYING CLOUD either on my current or old lists. If you know the hull number, I can look it up that way.
If you happen to be in contact with MY STAR, she is owned by David Alberson, who recently sailed her across the Atlantic. Please ask David to contact me by email.

Michael Dougan


Bud Taplin

Thanks. David did contact me when he found out about my message.
He had a good crossing, and now he and Jill are cruising England and enjoying it.
Westsailors, get out of your home port and keep on cruising.

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